Use #5 Through 10: For The Troops.

This post is dedicated to the able-bodied men and women serving oversees in some of the most desolate, challenging territory on the globe. Without them defending our freedom, we wouldn't have the ability to spend countless hours dreaming up uses for such trivial items as baby wipes. But yet these dedicated soldiers, sailors, marines and guardsmen provide the uses listed in this posting. I'll summarize for brevity;
5: Weapon Cleaner - Obvious. Baby wipes are good for keeping the sidearm or the M-16 free of grit, desert sand and other debris,
6: Face cleanser - Many of our troops deployed right now are in a DESERT - there isn't a lot of water for drinking, much less bathing. Baby wipes are great to clean up after a hard day in Iraq / Afghanistan / Insert your deployement theatre here,
7: Humidifier - Place a couple of these in with the MREs that have already been reconstituted (note: MRE means 'meals ready to eat' but many of them require adding water to truly be 'ready') and they keep the food from drying out (although it may alter the flavor a bit),
8: Boot deodorizer - can be inserted much like an insole, absorbing foot sweat, replacing as needed to keep the ol' dogs smelling fresher. They can even be used while marching,
9: Keep the optics clean - Many modern weapon systems still use optical sights. Wipes are compact to fit in the Abrams or Bradley, to keep the sights clear,
10: Parts Degreaser - In dry climates, vehicles need lots of grease / oil / lubricant to run properly. Its a constant struggle to keep a supply line running. Wipes can keep the sand and dirt from building up, plus they won't harm the sensitive environment in the war zone when they're discarded.
Cost: That depends on you. If you choose to ignore our troops, and support those in political power who wish to disarm our country, the cost will be our freedom. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE. There is a cost to bear for keeping this country free, and the brave soldiers dispersed all around the world on our behalf VOLUNTEERED to serve, knowing full well that they may be put in harm's way. They pay that cost every day, sometimes with their very lives. The least we can do is support them here at home. Send money to the American Red Cross. Or send what you can to the numerous organizations set up, some in your own neighborhood, to get needed supplies to our soldiers (like baby wipes!). A google search on 'Support Our Troops" is a good way to find official organizations to deliver donations. Do your part!


Use #1: Floor Waxer.

Since baby wipes are very strong and pre-moistened with some mystical stain-eating mixture of alcohol and sodium-laurel-sulfate-based cleaning goo, these things cut through floor grease like Ginsu knives through over-ripe tomatoes. First, get one of those Swiffer (tm) floor cleaner / mop gizmos -- there's lots of different brands to choose from; I mention 'Swiffer' just because I have one. Next, place an unused baby wipe (or two) on the head of the Swiffer gizmo, as you would with one of the cleaning pads you'd actually buy for the swiffer thingy. Proceed to clean the floor, replacing baby wipes as needed to clean, then repeat the process to spread an even coat of floor wax. Presto! These dudes are tough and hold up well to floor cleaning. Here's a handy tip: For tight corners, take a baby wipe and a rubber band, and attach the wipe to the handle grip of the swiffer with the rubber band. Now you have a tool for cleaning right up under those kitchen cabinets, where crud seems to pool up and solidify. Trust me, it works.
COST: About $10 for the swiffer thingy, if you don't already have one
SAVINGS: Those replacement pads are $expensive$!
WET / DRY: You can use fresh wipes for the cleanup, and the dried-out ones still in the pop-up dispenser for the wax part.