Why CPR is Important for Dads: Ballpark Lifesaver

OK, dads: This is why YOU need to learn CPR and first-aid - so YOU can be ready to step in and protect your family in the event that one of your kin is choking to death.

For your consideration, follow the link above to Yahoo Sports and read about Emmanuel Marlow, the ballpark vendor who stepped in and saved a young boy's life, seeking no reward or recognition, and then simply went back to work selling beer to the crowd. 

'Emmanuel' from Hebrew translates to 'God [is] with us' and He certainly was, since NO ONE was doing anything to save the boy until Emmanuel took action, probably due to fear of being sued for assault or injuring the child.  We are all prisoners of our fears, but Mr. Marlow rose above it and did what needed to be done, without fear.

To Quote the article;
"You just never know when a similar situation will play out around you, or even involving someone you love. It's always better to be safe and prepared than to be sorry."
Amen.  And may God Bless Emmanuel Marlow, the unassuming ballpark hero.


Boy Slowly Killed By Parents for Wetting Bed: Dallas Morning News

Jonathan James, age 10, has died.  His guardians, in an effort to 'discipline' the child for bed wetting, locked him in a room in 100+ degree weather and prevented him from drinking even an ounce of water for 5 days!

Follow the LINK for the full story, and photos of parents who, if there's justice in this world, will be spending lots of time locked in a room themselves.