An Afternoon Under The Big Top

Circus Vargas - Touring with their Big Blue Tent

It truly is a magical thing to see a century-old tradition of a real traveling circus kept alive by this troupe of entertainers - some 6th and 7th generation circus performers - who are all working together, some performing in the ring, some performing outside it working the rigging or making scene changes, but all focused on delivering a show to be enjoyed by everyone, without CGI or bad language or stuff so obnoxious you have to cover your kids eyes.

My wife and I attended last year when the big tent came to town, and this year attended again, bringing our son to his first circus.  The material was fresh, the tent was warm but not uncomfortable considering we're in the midst of a horrible heat wave, and the slushees were huge and turned everything they touched a bright clown-nose red.  Popcorn was flowing and flying, caught by the giant fans under the blue canopy, a perfect ambiance for what was to follow.  No spoilers - just some serious thrills and chills, belly laughs and beautiful choreography.

The performers are all warm-hearted and real people, and it was a kick when we realized the guy who sold us a toy outside the ring was their star trapeze man, pulling off a triple somersault.

The performers took the time and made themselves available after the show to sign autographs, pose for photos and talk about the show, and they did 3 shows that day!  Honestly I cannot think of a better way to spend an afternoon than under the big top with my family and this traveling band of gifted and giving performers.  I think we'll go again tonight!