Episode 401: Stalkers, And Cancer, And Bears -Oh, My!

News Headlines:

Infection in fluid linked to preterm birth
Older fathers blamed for bipolar in their kids
Sleep deprivation for kids with TVs
Digital drugs delivered to your earbuds
Barbara Probst, author of "When The Labels Don't Fit", shares some of her helpful tips and advice on raising a challenging child, and teaches us how to properly employ "the magic coin!"

We have a new ToonTest, and a contest to win Barbara's book! Listen to the podcast to learn more...


Evan's Mommy in 'Battle of The Band Games'

Cindy was recently a guest on Tech Talk For Families, a tech podcast we've had the privilege of corresponding for a bit.

Digital Dale hosted a roundtable discussion about the various band games for all the popular game consoles, called 'Battle of The Band Games'. In this installment, they discussed Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Cindy discussed her true wish: Guitar Hero Bassoon Edition.


Mark Rogers: Hero and Father In Need

THIS LINK is to a news report of a man who risked his life to save his wife and two children from their car, involved in an 8-car wreck. The car was full of fire, burned to the ground, but not before Mark, a 2-tour Iraq War veteran and explosives expert, used his training and bravely kicked out the windshield with his knees and pulled his family out of the inferno.

This daddy needs our help. He's in a burn unit, undergoing surgery to repair burns covering 60% of his body. His family is also being treated, all will make it...but they need your help.

Please follow THIS LINK to their MySpace page, where a donation button has been set-up to help cover expenses during this traumatic experience.

Props to a real hero, and one great dad, Mark Rogers. Get better soon, buddy! Our prayers are with you.


Happy Birthday, Evan!

This amazing illustration was drawn by a co-worker of Evan's mommy as a gift to celebrate Evan's 8th.
(click to enlarge)

It is something we know he'll treasure for sure.

Pictured is Evan - if he were anime - with the Pichu Brothers and Pikachu in his lap (for you non-Pokemon folk).

A very special thank-you to Nanette for sharing her immense talents and making Evan's birthday a special one. And a personal thank-you from me for lightening Cindy's spirits while Evan is away at the ranch.


Bailey June McManus: 1996 - 2008

Yesterday, while the rest of us were wondering where to go to celebrate Friday, a brave little girl said goodbye to her mom and sister, and left this world for one much better.

I know its better, because she is there, and leukemia is not.

The beautiful ramblings of a family friend describe it far better than I can...but I warn you...it is moving, wonderful and painful to read, and I thank its author for sharing that moment.

Baby wipes do NOT wipe away tears. I tried. I wish they were a magical cure for cancer, but they aren't.


Daddy Panel 18: Dark, Viscous Fluid

This time out, our panelists – turned daddy pundits talk about the jackass effect – kids behaving like the TV they watch, discussing the real world with your young kids, we ask the rhetorical question: who is the doctor in YOUR family, we get a book pick that could make this whole episode moot, and we wrap it all up with a post-Christmas mission de-briefing.

So please welcome James, Dale, Greg, Kevin and me playing host as we convene the daddy panel!


Dennis and Evan On The Air!

Every dad needs to pass on some family tradition. In this video, you can see Evan getting his first skydiving lesson, followed up by dad trying to relive his misspent youth when he was known to leap from perfectly good airplanes.


Episode 302: Loose Teeth and Ordinary Miracles

In Dedication to Cindy on our 13th Wedding Anniversary

News Headlines:

'Needling' Your Partner To Get Pregnant,
Boy Pulls Miracle Cure Out Of His Ear,
Montana Marketing Makes Moms Mad,
Lawmakers Limit Lice Lotions


Dr. Diep Nguyen, Founder of the BabyKick Alliance, and creator of the KickTrak, a device to help parents track fetal movement during pregnancy. Listen to the interview and learn how monitoring your baby's movements during pregnancy can help prevent stillbirth.

Dr. Nguyen also gives us a KickTrak discount code during the interview, good for 15% off, just for the podcast audience!

Featured Artist:
Ingrid Michaelson, 'The Way I Am'

We also get to hear from Karl Hindle about his dealings with the US State Department, and his attempt to get a visa to exercise his court-ordered right to visit his daughter. We hear from Matt and Dale, Michelle sends in a new baby wipes use, and there's a new ToonTest to wrap up a very busy episode!



Use #86: Cleanup After Throat Culture

After a rough afternoon at the pediatrician, there's nothing more heartwarming than to see your kid - finally - resting comfortably. And right there beside him is his bestest buddy, Ben, watching over him.

Poor kid. The throat culture tested positive. When I was a kid, the lab results from one of those long gag-reflex invoking cotton swabs took 2 weeks or longer to come back. You were over the disease before you found out what it was! Now they have a test, very similar to those home baby-making test kits, complete with the little blue bar and little pink bar. Just wait 10 minutes and pink bar = strep.

After this experience I could use a trip to a bar.

The throat culture was a new experience for Evan. The nurse was a pro at administering the procedure, but the little food that remained in his stomach decided it wanted to see the pediatrician, too. The wipes came to the rescue again, as they can clean faces, waiting room furniture, and those stylish wing tips that I'm subsidizing with my co-pay.


Does this article make me look fat?

Our local paper ran a front-pager on the podcast - above the fold, no less - and ran a couple pictures. Cindy, my beloved bride, is a bit miffed that she wasn't included in the photo shoot, so I'm in the dog house now!

See photos, found with the article in THIS LINK to see just how far in the dog house I am!