On Hiatus

It is with much regret that I post this entry.

Due to issues which require my full attention, I will be on hiatus from production of the "101 Uses For Baby Wipes" and "Daddy Panel" podcasts.

I hope to be back behind the mic sometime after the New Year, with new shows, new Toon Tests and new panel discussions, so please accept my sincere thanks for listening, for contributing, and for understanding my need to do this.

Here is a short personal message from me.


Episode 208: Arbitron Family

News Parents Can Use:
MySpace To Use High-Tech Tool To Block Sex Offenders,
Teach Kids To Love Wine - Says The French Government,
Epidurals and Breastfeeding Grief Linked,
Kid In South Carolina Arrested For Opening His Christmas Gift Early.

Dr. Jay Dolitsky, MD, Clinical Editor of Tonsilfacts.com, joins the podcast to discuss advancements in the common childhood surgery - Tonsilectomy.

The Word of the Day is: Coblation.

Podcasts of Mention This Week:
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Journey Inside My Mind
Answers For Freelancers

Featured Artists:
Jimmie Bratcher, "Man Its Christmas!"
Geoff Smith, "Some Christmas Huggin' And Kissin'"

Timely theme music generously provided by Larry Seyer.


Daddy Panel 8: Santa's Packin' Heat!

In this installment, our podcaster dads talk about guns - as gifts, pro and con, discussion about other shooting - photography, and also discussion of first Christmas memories, holiday chaos, and of course, the pending visit from ol' Saint Nick.

NOTE: DISCUSSION OF CERTAIN "URBAN MYTHOLOGY" IS INCLUDED IN THIS PODCAST. In other words, certain topics in this podcast may not be suitable for the young ones.

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Episode 206: Podcast-ipation!

News Parents Can Use:
Flu Shots: Do They Work? Are They Safe?
Thousands Of Kids Hurt in School Buses Every Year,
Fathers More Influence in Their Child's Language Development,
How To Make 'Happy Crack',
Make Way For The LouseBuster!

Other Stuff Discussed On The Program:
Track Your Kids: Ion Kids System
Voters Approve Butterfly Preserve at Dalidio Ranch

Alice Leon from The Alice Project, talking about her inspiration, and her best / worst critic, 4-yr-old Eli.

Featured Artists:
The Alice Project, "This Is It"
Phil Ayoub, "Lying And Stealing"
Howard Jones, "Building Our Own Future"

Click Here for upcoming performances by Howard Jones.

Featured Podcasts:
1-2-3 Listen 2 Me
The LD Podcast
Dancing With Elephants
Get Jacked

Intro and background music provided by Larry Seyer and Jeff Shields.


Daddy Panel 7: Pug In A Septic Tank!

JamesB,Rob@Podcast411, Ringmaster Greg, PD Love and Dennis Gray discuss Halloween costumes past and present, Dealing with a child's fear, separation anxiety for kids AND dads, "the pole", "microwave water", and virtual dodgeball as a way to control those nasty injuries on the playground at school.

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Episode 205: Two-Fingered Salute

News Parents Can Use:
Doctors Urge More Playtime For Kids,
Tag - You're Out,
Autism and TV Viewing Linked,
Concealed Weapons For Utah Teachers

Graham Farrar, creator of The Baby Toupee!

We Have a Winner in the Toon-Test Con-Test!

Featured Artists:
Winter Circle, "Streetlight Flicker"
Pepper, "Your Face"
James Stewart, "A Man Like Me"

Featured Podcasts:
Pacific Coast Hellway (NSFW!)
Just One More Book
Dancing With Elephants

Please lend your support to the Buddy Walk to help people with Down Syndrome.

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Episode 204: Knott What I Remember

Reminiscing on times past at the birthplace of the Boysenberry.

News Parents Can Use:
Teachers Packing Heat,
MySpace Is For Old People,
Fast Food Marketers Have Toddlers As Target,
Exercise Fails To Cut Obesity In Preschoolers,
Baby Toupees,
ESPN: Not just A Sports Network!

Featured Music:
Bret Mikels, "Disconnected"
Geoff Smith, "Foot In The Door"
The Alice Project, "Nobody Makes It Overnight"

Featured Podcasts:
Chillin' With Lovespirals
Pediacast with Dr. Mike

This week's Toon-Test is a Con-Test!
Listen to the show, then enter to win some really cool stuff!

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Another Wrench In The Machinery...

Due to technical issues with my media host, many of you are experiencing difficulties downloading Episodes of "101 Uses For baby Wipes" and "The Daddy Panel".

I have been assured that the issues that caused the outage have been resolved, but it may take up to 72 hours before the files become available worldwide.

In the meantime, you may see an error (-50) in iTunes, and other podcast receivers will produce other odd messages. My apologies for the inconvenience...I hope all will resolve itself soon.


Daddy Panel #6

Pundit Poolside Party Panel-Palooza!
Topics in this installment of the panel include balancing work and family, lying: Not advocating it, but getting to the root of the cause and dealing with it, losing the kids and how to prepare for that inevitable day when your child disappears...even if just for a moment.

Join panelists JamesB, Richard Brewer-Hay, Ringmaster Greg, and new panelist Aaron Burcell as we talk about these issues - and more - poolside from the Portable Media Expo.

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Episode 203: Buzzz Saw!

YouTube - The Anti-Drug, People Having TVs Not Kids, Parents Upset in Maine Over Rude Rhymes, Book Banning 'For The Children' in Florida, more...

Hasbro's Playskool Unit Recalls Team Talkin' Tool Bench, Offers $50 Coupon

John Murtari Update:
Teri Stoddard Talks to Dads On The Air, Radio 2GLF Sydney, Australia About John's Fight for Parental Rights.

Baby Wipes Use of the Week:
Purse Pathogen Purge

Featured Music:
CruiseBox, "On A Podcast" (Yes, Steve Jobs, I used the P-word)
Bret Mikels, "Deep Enough"
Adrienne Pierce, "One Perfect Day"

Featured Podcasts: (There's that P-word again)
Face The Music
The Redboy Podcast...help 'lil Redboy get an iPod. Visit THIS SITE, buy something, and put in code 49271. If 100 of you buy stuff, he'll be able to listen to his dad's show...at last!

You can read about the P-word, and what Apple is up to HERE and HERE.
If Apple wins, I may not be doing a podcast and the Burpee Seed Company and whale watchers may have to watch their language when speaking of 'pods'.


Episode 202: Paradigm Shift

Its Back To School Night!

News Headlines:
FaceBook Privacy Face-Off, The Million Dollar Xanga Zinger, This Bud.TV is for You, How NOT To Teach Your Kids About Heights, Abbott recalls Infant Formula

Link To Baby Formula Recall - www.abbott.com

Update On Karl Hindle's Fight To See Emily: EmilyRoseHindle.blogspot.com

Teri Stoddard: John Murtari on the Laurie Riley Show
Hear John tell the full story, and explain why he's chosen jail to try to regain his right to be a father to his son.

Featured Podcasts:

Featured Artists:
Smart Bomb Radio: "Mac Vs. PC"
Robert Wilson: "Oh My My"
Lee Coulter: "The Jeep Song"
Amy Courts: "Company"

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Episode 201: Bus Stop Blues

Dog Star Edition
This show has been formatted to fit sirius satellite radios.
Do not adjust your MP3 player. We will do it for you.

Gas Prices Put Kids in Buses, HPV Vaccine and “The Talk”, An Examination of Kids Eye Examinations, Tips For Buying Back To School Shoes, more...

Thanks to Matt at the Redboy Podcast for the 'Tike Tazer'

Featured Music: Robert Walker, "One For The Road"

NOTE: This is a RE-POST. Apologies if your software downloads it twice. We're still trying to get iTunes fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Episode 148-1/2: Daddy Panel 5

Duck On A Cheeto!

This week Rob from Podcast 411, JamesB from the Navelcast, PD love of Lovehouse Radio and Ringmaster Greg from Dancing With Elephants join Dennis from 101 Uses For Baby Wipes to talk about the fate of the 'picky eater', giving baby the boot, year-round school, who's side are dads on - their kids or 'the man', and the bank of daddy - allowance section.

We also talk about the newest in minivan fashion trends.

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Episode 148: Its a Gas!

Boy Scouts Do Good Deed For Baby, States Have Conflict Of Interest With Parents Over Adoption, Survey Says: Kids Hurt On The Job - A Lot, Kids Not Getting Enough TV? Give 'em Local Channels In The Car!

Featured Music:
Slau, "What Did You Do?"
Amy Ayres, "One More Day"
3 Blind Mice, "Call Me Beautiful"

Featured Podcasts:
The Second Time Around
My Baby Monsters

The Toon Test is back! Listen to the podcast to learn how you can win PRIZES!

You can view a short video interview with John Murtari and hear him explain, in his own words, why he believes his civil rights are being violated, and how the state of New York is preventing him from being a parent to his son. (Courtesy News 10 Now - Syracuse)

If you'd like to learn how you can help John with his fight to be a dad,
click here to read more on Teri Stoddard's blog at Men's News Daily.

You can find another link to infant seat hammocks here, along with other useful equipment for active kids!


Episode 147 - One Year Anniversary - 'Cheesy'!

Dennis rants about processed cheese.
These are pretty pictures created using baby wipes!

News / Commentary: Kids Buying Booze on the Web, School Superintendent Rigs Test Scores for Bonus, Parents Pay For Performance, DC Curfew Linked to Irresponsible Parents, Kids Locked Up and Fingerprinted for Playing in a Tree, more...

John Murtari, jailed for owing back child support he cannot pay, sits in jail, not eating or drinking to protest an unjust family court system.

Teri Stoddard joins the show to give us the details of John's arrest, his protest, and his organization, Akidsright.org.

Featured Music:
Plan D, "Friend In You"
Louise Setara, "Wrong Again"
Robert Walker, "One For The Road"

Featured Podcasts / Websites:
A Kid's Right
Mens News Daily
Average Joe American
Dancing With Elephants

You can find the Koala Kare infant seat cradles HERE.


Episode 146: Where Is Emily Now?

Special Guest Interview: Karl Hindle

Karl's baby girl Emily vanished, along with the girl's mother, who took Emily in January 2003. Since then, Karl has been trying to find little Emily Rose Hindle, pictured here. She has been moved by her mother at least 40 times, through 10 U.S. States.

Karl has spent over 3 years searching for Emily, and he has sold everything he owns to try and get Emily back.

She is going blind. If Emily isn't found soon, and given medical attention for a serious eye problem, the damage will be irreversible.

Karl's search for Emily is a story of international child abudction, a U.S. State Department cover-up, and involvement of a known sex offender in a plot to illegally adopt Emily.

Karl has created a blog to document his search, and you can find it here;


If you have any information on the whereabouts of little Emily, you can e-mail Karl;

karlhindle (at) hotmail (dot) com


Episode 145-1/2: The Daddy Panel is Back!

Tribute To Clarence Birdseye

This week Rob from Podcast 411, JamesB from the Navelcast, PD love of Lovehouse Radio and Ringmaster Greg from Dancing With Elephants join Dennis from 101 Uses For Baby Wipes to talk about dealing with disappointment, planning for the unthinkable, bait-n-switch, and alternative uses for frozen peas!

Have we peaked your curiosity?

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Episode 145: Cake Withdrawal

Join Us For Evan's Birthday Festivities!

Tag Not "It" On School Playgrounds, YouTube And Your Kids: Online Video Concerns, Elmo Helping Families With Deployed Parents, Baby Fix Me A Drink, more...

Featured Music:
Second Saturday, "Arianna"
The Clintons, "Save The World"
Sean Patrick McGraw, "And The Good News Is"

No Celebration Would Be Complete Without These Party Animals:
Geoff Smith, 100 Year Picnic, Dancing With Elephants, Journey Inside My Mind, Manic Mommies, LD Podcast, The Shooby Show, CatFish Show, NavelCast, Crossfeed News


Episode 144 - Crop Circles!

What does a dental visit have to do with crop circles? Listen to the podcast to find out!

Students Opt For Web Yearbook, Student Suspended Over Threatening Buddy Icon, Doctors Miss Flu In Kids, Fewer Babies Making Babies, Chernobyl Kids, Porn Site Found on School Website, more...

Featured Music:
Last Fair Deal, "Out Of My Mind"
Darren Geffre, "Josephine"
Candy Butchers, "Let's Have a Baby"

Featured Websites:
The Learning Disabilities (LD) Podcast
Children of Chernobyl
Emily Rose Hindle

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Episode 143-1/2 - Daddy Panel #3!

Happy Independence Day!

On the panel this week, PD Love, Ringmaster Greg, Richard Brewer-Hay and JamesB join me to discuss summer travel, 'Ninja' camp, MySpace and our kids, cell phones for 5-year-olds, and a whole host of topics sure to help you get ready for the summer vacation season - or run and hide until the fall!

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Episode 143, The Shake-N-Bake Daddycast!

Playing Soccer Results In Toxic Shock Syndrome, The Myth Of Sunscreen, Teen Smoking in US Stops Falling, Fatal Asthma Attacks: Its The Parents Fault, Speed-Sitting, More...

Dr. Hogan Discusses Parental Alienation Syndrome, and the principle of equal, shared parenting.

Featured Music:
Amy Courts, "Alone"
Caitlin Evanson, "You Still Shine"
Cherry Suede, "Not A Day Goes By"
Cameo Appearances:
C.C. Chapman - Accident Hash
Leo Laporte - This Week In Tech

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Episode 142, The Drive-In Daddycast!

News: FDA Approves Growth Hormone, Newborns of Smoking Moms Have Carcinogens In Their Urine, Teen Tries a Hookup in Jericho After Meeting On MySpace, School Bus Exhaust Harms Kids, Mosquito Ring Tone Falls On Deaf Ears, More...

Dr. Karen Dixon, Co-founder and President of Parents of Children and Infants with Kernicterus, discussing raising a child with the disease, and her efforts to end the disease.

Featured Music:
Caitlin Smith, "The Way It Feels To Be Loved"
Brendan Benson, "Tiny Spark"

Featured Podcasts:
The CrossFeed Podcast

Featured Website:
Wrapped In Love

101U4BW Featured this week in the Washington Post.
Click HERE for the link to the article.

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Episode 141, The Wiggle-Wiggle Daddycast!

Headlines: Teens Try To Hold MySpace For Ransom, ADHD Drugs Send Scores To ER, Dad Arrested For Putting Baby In The Dryer, Students Told To Leave The Tractors At Home, more...

Dr. Rahcel Avchen from the Centers for Disease Control discussing Kernicterus, a serious infant disease with a peculiar name.

Music: Man Bites God, "Spelling Bee Girl", Ezra Thomas, "She's Waiting"

Wipes Uses 59-62



Daddy Panel #2 is On-The-Net!

The panelists are back! Join PD Love, JamesB, and panel newcomer Ringmaster Greg as we discuss current issues. Here's a sample;

- How much TV is too much TV? Studies show that TV viewing for kids under 2 is not recommended. And what about the recently announced TV network, BabyFirstTV?

- What Tools do you use to get your kids to behave? PD and Greg have some great suggestions on a reward strategy that WORKS,

- Travel tips to help avoid "Are We There Yet" Syndrome

...And LOTS MORE STUFF! Click the giant headphones to download the show!

Music provided once again by Charlie Crowe.