Daddy Panel 17: Giblets on the Curb!

On this pre-Christmas panel, we discuss the perils of Black Friday, holiday shopping tips (or, more accurately, how to avoid shopping altogether), decorating Daddy-Panel Style, Norman Rockwell vs. the Real World, Holiday Stress Management and unique ways to use those AquaDots toys everyone is talking about!

Join PD, Greg, Chuck, Dennis, and James B is back for this installment.

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Daddy Panel 16: Transform and Roll Out!

Our panel of podcasters-turned-daddy-pundits talk about;

1. spouse-bashing (not in the physical sense and this is not a how-to guide, ladies…its how to avoid verbal smackdowns),

2. making punishment fit the family,

3. The transformers health plan,

4. Babies as products,

5. Moms in toolbelts, and

6. Perhaps we’ve found the solution to the mess that is our health insurance system.

Join PD, Greg, Dale and Dennis as they convene for this installment.



Am I being over-sensitive to the marketing tactics employed by the mega-red-retailer whose name is synonymous with concentric circles at the end of a pistol range, or is this just plain WRONG?

I was in my local red-themed store and found the piggy banks next to the one-armed bandits. Am I the only bozo on the bus who thinks this is a BAD IDEA?

I know, I know. The slot machine 'toys' are, in fact, banks. But what message is this sending to the kids? Is it telegraphing by reference that gambling is saving?

Just askin'...

...But DON'T GET ME STARTED on those Barbie checkout toys, complete with fake magnetic-stripe credit card!

Apologies for the bad photo, but its the best my cell phone could deliver. And for the record, and in the interest of full disclosure, I do not live in Las Vegas, near Atlantic City, and this photo wasn't taken in a community where gambling is 'legalized'.


Daddy Panel 15: Introducing Superman!

In this installment, the panelists Greg, Dennis, Kevin, Mike and newcomer Chuck convene to discuss kids party plans gone awry, noisy neighbors, "Do as I say, not as I do" and other parental power trips. We also discuss those summer plans that did (or didn't) quite pan out as we had hoped, and sing the babysitter blues.

(If you're looking for Episode 14, don't panic - its still being repaired)

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Daddy Panel 13: Not Yet Rated

The title of this episode – the lucky 13 episode - is ‘Not Yet Rated’ because we talk about those words that we don’t talk about – at least around the little kiddies, that is. We get into ways to converse with adults without the kids picking up the vernacular and using it when – or where – they shouldn’t.

Not to worry – the show is safe for little ears.

We also talk about milestones in our kid’s lives – like their first REAL bed. We talk about other milestones that make us all think – wow – the kids ARE growing up!

Please Join PD, Greg, Rob, Dennis and newcomer Kevin as they convene the Daddy Panel.

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Episode 209: Gone To The Dogs!

News Parents Can Use:
"Dump Kids Here" Box In Germany,
Religion Good For Kids,
Congress CAN Regulate Violence on TV,
Abstinence Classes Don't Stop Sex,
Some Thoughts on the Alec Baldwin Voicemail Fiasco

Special Interview Segment:
Victoria from Baby Rock Records talks about Gnomes in Trees

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Dancing With Elephants
The LD Podcast
The Dave and Matt Show

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Sigmon, "Sunny Shiny Moon"
The Fire Apes, "Let Me Know"

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Daddy Panel 12: Introducing The Flaming Tortillas!

On this episode of The Daddy Panel we discuss Kids and Pets, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Redefining Fatherhood, Being Policed by our Kids, and Watching the Clock.

Special thanks to our guest Daddy Panelists:
Mr. Bob of A Cub Scouting Adventure
and Dale of Tech Talk For Families

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The Let Them Hear You Contest sponsored by Dancing With Elephants
PodCruise Miami

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Daddy Panel 11: Welcome To The Social

On this episode of The Daddy Panel we discuss extroverted and introverted children and helping them adjust to social situations, learning that the world is made up of many different people, early ventures into the birds and the bees, and 'I want Mommy.' All of that and some Listener Feedback to boot make this a packed episode.

Podcasts Featured:
The Second Time Around Podcast
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

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Email us at daddypanel@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at 206-338-iDad (4323).

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Daddy Panel 10: YAY! Daddy's Cooking Dinner Tonight!

On this episode of The Daddy Panel we discuss our strategies for preparing our kids for a life time of learning, the idea of putting our kids on public display, maintaining a healthy family, keeping the romance alive, and the prospect of having another child.

Podcasts Featured:
Short Cummings Audio
A Cub Scouting Adventure

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Daddy Panel 9: Clean-Up On Aisle 2

As we start the New Year, the DaddyCastAways discuss the hot items left after all the wrapping paper was removed, the trials and tribulations of travel, restroom etiquette, New Years Resolutions, and 72 Things a Man Should Know About Being a Father.

Podcasts Featured:

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Many Thanks to our daddy pundits for carrying the torch in my absence. Thanks Guys!