Episode 203: Buzzz Saw!

YouTube - The Anti-Drug, People Having TVs Not Kids, Parents Upset in Maine Over Rude Rhymes, Book Banning 'For The Children' in Florida, more...

Hasbro's Playskool Unit Recalls Team Talkin' Tool Bench, Offers $50 Coupon

John Murtari Update:
Teri Stoddard Talks to Dads On The Air, Radio 2GLF Sydney, Australia About John's Fight for Parental Rights.

Baby Wipes Use of the Week:
Purse Pathogen Purge

Featured Music:
CruiseBox, "On A Podcast" (Yes, Steve Jobs, I used the P-word)
Bret Mikels, "Deep Enough"
Adrienne Pierce, "One Perfect Day"

Featured Podcasts: (There's that P-word again)
Face The Music
The Redboy Podcast...help 'lil Redboy get an iPod. Visit THIS SITE, buy something, and put in code 49271. If 100 of you buy stuff, he'll be able to listen to his dad's show...at last!

You can read about the P-word, and what Apple is up to HERE and HERE.
If Apple wins, I may not be doing a podcast and the Burpee Seed Company and whale watchers may have to watch their language when speaking of 'pods'.


Episode 202: Paradigm Shift

Its Back To School Night!

News Headlines:
FaceBook Privacy Face-Off, The Million Dollar Xanga Zinger, This Bud.TV is for You, How NOT To Teach Your Kids About Heights, Abbott recalls Infant Formula

Link To Baby Formula Recall - www.abbott.com

Update On Karl Hindle's Fight To See Emily: EmilyRoseHindle.blogspot.com

Teri Stoddard: John Murtari on the Laurie Riley Show
Hear John tell the full story, and explain why he's chosen jail to try to regain his right to be a father to his son.

Featured Podcasts:

Featured Artists:
Smart Bomb Radio: "Mac Vs. PC"
Robert Wilson: "Oh My My"
Lee Coulter: "The Jeep Song"
Amy Courts: "Company"

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Episode 201: Bus Stop Blues

Dog Star Edition
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Do not adjust your MP3 player. We will do it for you.

Gas Prices Put Kids in Buses, HPV Vaccine and “The Talk”, An Examination of Kids Eye Examinations, Tips For Buying Back To School Shoes, more...

Thanks to Matt at the Redboy Podcast for the 'Tike Tazer'

Featured Music: Robert Walker, "One For The Road"

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Episode 148-1/2: Daddy Panel 5

Duck On A Cheeto!

This week Rob from Podcast 411, JamesB from the Navelcast, PD love of Lovehouse Radio and Ringmaster Greg from Dancing With Elephants join Dennis from 101 Uses For Baby Wipes to talk about the fate of the 'picky eater', giving baby the boot, year-round school, who's side are dads on - their kids or 'the man', and the bank of daddy - allowance section.

We also talk about the newest in minivan fashion trends.

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