Episode 132 For Sunday, March 26th, 2006

For Susan...

News: School Told To Prepare For Bird Flu, Are Kids Too Plugged In?, Still More Kids Getting ADHD Drugs, Govt. Rejects Strong Labeling For Them, Pro Trainers For Kids, more...

Featured Artists:
3 Blind Mice, "Baby And All",
100 Year Picnic, "Marilyn County",
NewLeaf, "Magic Carpet"

-Toontest 25
-Wipes Use 47, "Bird Bath Blanket"

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Episode 131 For Monday, March 20, 2006

News: Late For Class - Tell It To The Judge, Chaos At A Model School, PTA Trying To Keep Recess, Antibiotic Use Can Lead To Asthma, More...

Featured Music:
Jonathan Coulton, "Stroller Town"
Kevin Reeves, "Wasted"
Dorian Spencer, "Being A Fool"

Special Thanks To Chris at the "Tips From The Top Floor" podcast for his tips on baby photography.

Be sure to visit www.KevinReeves.net and enter to win his autographed Fender Squire guitar!

-ToonTest 24
-Wipes Use 46, "Vegas Virus Vanquisher"


Episode 130 For Friday, March 10th, 2006

News: Police Warn About "The Choking Game", Roe V. Wade For Men, Teacher: "It's the student's fault!", Study Predicts Overweight Kids (No Crystal Ball Used), Senate OK's Research Into Violent Video Games, more...

Music: Jimmie Bratcher, "Bad Religion", Soupbone Throne, "Sarah Says", Lost In Rome, "California"

- Wipes Use 45
- ToonTest 23

24 Key Points To Ponder on Raising Boys


Market Pullback

For those of you following along...

My friend and investment wizard, Matthew, advised me to reduce my domestic (i.e. USA) investments due to his interpretation of upcoming market instability. He advised me to pull out 30% of my domestic holdings and move the capital into my money market fund. He also said that there may be more moves in the near future, now that the 'Ides of March' are upon us.

Remember: Neither he nor I are professional investment people, and I'm just passing on what he told me 'over a beer' so to speak. Matthew watches the markets with an amazing analytical mind, and great enthusiasm...so when he says "pull out of the market", I say "yes sir - how much!"


Episode 129 For Sunday, March 5th, 2006

News: Cocaine For "Sharing Time", Kids Build Soybean-Fueled Car, Steroids Flip The Angry Switch In Teens, Helping ADHD Kids Make New Friends, more...

Music: Stingray, "Get On It", The Sketches, "Fly Baby Right Now", Lost In Rome, "Goodbye"

-Wipes Use 44, "Barber Shop Buddy"
-ToonTest 22

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