Mark Rogers: Hero and Father In Need

THIS LINK is to a news report of a man who risked his life to save his wife and two children from their car, involved in an 8-car wreck. The car was full of fire, burned to the ground, but not before Mark, a 2-tour Iraq War veteran and explosives expert, used his training and bravely kicked out the windshield with his knees and pulled his family out of the inferno.

This daddy needs our help. He's in a burn unit, undergoing surgery to repair burns covering 60% of his body. His family is also being treated, all will make it...but they need your help.

Please follow THIS LINK to their MySpace page, where a donation button has been set-up to help cover expenses during this traumatic experience.

Props to a real hero, and one great dad, Mark Rogers. Get better soon, buddy! Our prayers are with you.


Happy Birthday, Evan!

This amazing illustration was drawn by a co-worker of Evan's mommy as a gift to celebrate Evan's 8th.
(click to enlarge)

It is something we know he'll treasure for sure.

Pictured is Evan - if he were anime - with the Pichu Brothers and Pikachu in his lap (for you non-Pokemon folk).

A very special thank-you to Nanette for sharing her immense talents and making Evan's birthday a special one. And a personal thank-you from me for lightening Cindy's spirits while Evan is away at the ranch.