On Hiatus

It is with much regret that I post this entry.

Due to issues which require my full attention, I will be on hiatus from production of the "101 Uses For Baby Wipes" and "Daddy Panel" podcasts.

I hope to be back behind the mic sometime after the New Year, with new shows, new Toon Tests and new panel discussions, so please accept my sincere thanks for listening, for contributing, and for understanding my need to do this.

Here is a short personal message from me.


Episode 208: Arbitron Family

News Parents Can Use:
MySpace To Use High-Tech Tool To Block Sex Offenders,
Teach Kids To Love Wine - Says The French Government,
Epidurals and Breastfeeding Grief Linked,
Kid In South Carolina Arrested For Opening His Christmas Gift Early.

Dr. Jay Dolitsky, MD, Clinical Editor of Tonsilfacts.com, joins the podcast to discuss advancements in the common childhood surgery - Tonsilectomy.

The Word of the Day is: Coblation.

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Featured Artists:
Jimmie Bratcher, "Man Its Christmas!"
Geoff Smith, "Some Christmas Huggin' And Kissin'"

Timely theme music generously provided by Larry Seyer.


Daddy Panel 8: Santa's Packin' Heat!

In this installment, our podcaster dads talk about guns - as gifts, pro and con, discussion about other shooting - photography, and also discussion of first Christmas memories, holiday chaos, and of course, the pending visit from ol' Saint Nick.

NOTE: DISCUSSION OF CERTAIN "URBAN MYTHOLOGY" IS INCLUDED IN THIS PODCAST. In other words, certain topics in this podcast may not be suitable for the young ones.

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