Daddy Panel 7: Pug In A Septic Tank!

JamesB,Rob@Podcast411, Ringmaster Greg, PD Love and Dennis Gray discuss Halloween costumes past and present, Dealing with a child's fear, separation anxiety for kids AND dads, "the pole", "microwave water", and virtual dodgeball as a way to control those nasty injuries on the playground at school.

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Episode 205: Two-Fingered Salute

News Parents Can Use:
Doctors Urge More Playtime For Kids,
Tag - You're Out,
Autism and TV Viewing Linked,
Concealed Weapons For Utah Teachers

Graham Farrar, creator of The Baby Toupee!

We Have a Winner in the Toon-Test Con-Test!

Featured Artists:
Winter Circle, "Streetlight Flicker"
Pepper, "Your Face"
James Stewart, "A Man Like Me"

Featured Podcasts:
Pacific Coast Hellway (NSFW!)
Just One More Book
Dancing With Elephants

Please lend your support to the Buddy Walk to help people with Down Syndrome.

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Episode 204: Knott What I Remember

Reminiscing on times past at the birthplace of the Boysenberry.

News Parents Can Use:
Teachers Packing Heat,
MySpace Is For Old People,
Fast Food Marketers Have Toddlers As Target,
Exercise Fails To Cut Obesity In Preschoolers,
Baby Toupees,
ESPN: Not just A Sports Network!

Featured Music:
Bret Mikels, "Disconnected"
Geoff Smith, "Foot In The Door"
The Alice Project, "Nobody Makes It Overnight"

Featured Podcasts:
Chillin' With Lovespirals
Pediacast with Dr. Mike

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Another Wrench In The Machinery...

Due to technical issues with my media host, many of you are experiencing difficulties downloading Episodes of "101 Uses For baby Wipes" and "The Daddy Panel".

I have been assured that the issues that caused the outage have been resolved, but it may take up to 72 hours before the files become available worldwide.

In the meantime, you may see an error (-50) in iTunes, and other podcast receivers will produce other odd messages. My apologies for the inconvenience...I hope all will resolve itself soon.


Daddy Panel #6

Pundit Poolside Party Panel-Palooza!
Topics in this installment of the panel include balancing work and family, lying: Not advocating it, but getting to the root of the cause and dealing with it, losing the kids and how to prepare for that inevitable day when your child disappears...even if just for a moment.

Join panelists JamesB, Richard Brewer-Hay, Ringmaster Greg, and new panelist Aaron Burcell as we talk about these issues - and more - poolside from the Portable Media Expo.

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