Episode 111 For Saturday, October 29, 2005

Headlines - Teachers Not Safe From Outsourcing, Canadian Child Care Discriminates Against Parents?, Predict Your Child's Adult Height, "Shackle-me Elmo", Longer School Day Tested, more...
Music - The Clintons, "Fan of the Bean", Chip Greene, "Everything About You", The Alien Cowboys Theme...
- Wipes Use 24
- ToonTest 5
- More Listener Comments
- And lots more...

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Episode 110 For Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

Headlines: Weighing In on Childhood Obesity, Kids WiFi at Mickey-Ds, Noisy Toys are Big this Holiday Season, Building Baby's Brain with Bach, Some Food Mythology, more...

Music: Lynn Julian, "Get The Picture" (music.podshow.com), Sheva Solomon, "Song For Myself" (Garageband.com)
-ToonTest 4, Wipes Use 23, lots more stuff...

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Episode 109 for Saturday, October 15, 2005

Headlines: Violence 'Viewed' as a Crisis, Avoid SIDS, kids In Cribs, NRA Draws Fire, MySpace.com has parents spaced out, ADHD and Caged-Kid Update, more...
Music: John McCloy, "Just Believe It", Full Minute of Mercury, "That Song is Stuck in My Head", (music.podshow.com), Too Old To Rock, "Bingo Night at Emily's" (GarageBand.com)
-Wipes Use 22
-Toontest 3
-Listener Feedback
-Lots More STUFF that I'm to medicated to write about

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Episode 108 For Friday, October 7th, 2005

News: Amoxicillin- Pediatric Miracle or Dental Nightmare, Surgery Anxiety? Send In The Clowns, Children Blamed for Flu in Seniors, Flunking Kindergarten, UK to Ban Junk Food in School.
Music: John McCloy, "Street Dance in Cairo" (music.podshow.com) - YAY!, Someday Company, "Breathing In", the Nadas, "Going Home" (garageband.com)
Interview: John McCloy - YAY!

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