Daddy Panel #2 is On-The-Net!

The panelists are back! Join PD Love, JamesB, and panel newcomer Ringmaster Greg as we discuss current issues. Here's a sample;

- How much TV is too much TV? Studies show that TV viewing for kids under 2 is not recommended. And what about the recently announced TV network, BabyFirstTV?

- What Tools do you use to get your kids to behave? PD and Greg have some great suggestions on a reward strategy that WORKS,

- Travel tips to help avoid "Are We There Yet" Syndrome

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Music provided once again by Charlie Crowe.


Episode 140 For Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

News: "Big Brother House" To Monitor baby a.k.a. The Truman Show?, PBS Programming Coming To A Classroom Near You, Choosy Toddlers Choose Interactive TV, Protection For Pools Please, Two-Thirds Can't Find Louisiana After katrina, more...

Featured Music:
Black Lab, "See The Sun",
The Alice Project, "Hold Me Up",
The Bulldogs, "In The End"

Wipes Use 58 - Red Zone Remedy
ToonTest 32

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Episode 139 For Mother's Day Sunday, May 14th, 2006

News: Women Have Ideas of What Makes a "Good Working Mother", 24x7 Baby TV Channel To Air, No States Meet Teacher Requirements in NCLB, Conjoined Twins Separated, British Mom Has 'Designer' Baby, 11-Yr-Old Girl Is UK's Youngest 'Mum', More...

Special Daddycast thanks to Rachel, a speech therapist for kids with special needs, for her feedback on No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Click HERE for her full response.

The Social Security Administration has a website that chronicles the top baby names. Click HERE to see how your children's names rank in popularity over the years.

Featured Music:
The Alice Project, "Happy Mother's Day"
Tenth Hour Calling, "Dry Your Eyes"
Kevin Reeves, "Mother"

Featured Podcasts:
Managing The Gray
Trucker Tom
Manic Mommies


Episode 138 For Tuesday, May 10th, 2006

News: FDA Warns Phenergan Can Cause Infant Death, Fussy Babies and Depressed Mommies Linked, Parents DEMAND Cell Phones IN School, The Story Of The 14 Pound Preemie, more...

Featured Music:
Ezra Thomas, "Galveston"
The Clintons, "Strange Day In Mexico"
Caitlin Smith, "You Don't Smile"

Tom Groneberg, author of "The Secret Life of Cowboys" talks about his new book, "One Good Horse"

Enter to win an autographed copy of Tom's new book! Listen to Episode 138 to find out how!

-Wipes Uses 51, 52, 53 and 54!
-ToonTest 30!


Episode 137-1/2 - The Daddy Panel

In this first roundtable discussion, join daddy-to-be Richard as he asks questions and gets more answers than he really thought he wanted.

The panel includes PD Love from LoveHouse Radio, JamesB of the NavelCast, Rob at PodCast411.

Featuring music by Charlie Crowe.

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