Episode 137 For Sunday, April 30th, 2006

It's The 'Sniff Sniff' Daddycast!


Featured Music:
Jonathan Coulton, "I Feel Fantastic"
Geoff Smith, "Happy Birthday Mommy"
The Clintons, "Come With Me"

-Sofia Quezada, CDC Activist / Volunteer and mother of a 5-yr-old autistic boy
-Tim from the High Potency Music Podcast, describing growing up with autism

Big Daddycast Best Wishes to Kim, Greg and Evan Guffey - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Backing music for the interview segments provided by Larry Seyer.


Episode 136 For Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Philly Schools Ignoring Parents, MySpace Foils Repeat of Columbine Massacre, Parents Confident, Teachers Skeptical, Administrators Playing With Numbers Over No Child Left Behind, Do You Snore? Bet Your Kid Does! More...

Featured Music:
Lorena Mire, "Hide And Seek"
The Clintons, "Sex On The Radio"

Dr. Debra Balke, MD, Pediatric Neurologist, on the topic of raising a child with autism.

Featured Podcasts:
Manic Mommies
The BiddieCast

Thanks to all the podcasters who've helped increase autism awareness this month!
PD Love at LoveHouse Radio and The DaddyCast
Matt and Amy at The Redboy Podcast
Greg and Tonya at "Dancing With Elephants"

Music By Jim Fidler used to introduce the interview segment, "Lillian: A Portrait In Sound."


Episode 135 For Easter Sunday, April 16th, 2006

News Headlines: Older Kids Not Smarter Than Younger Siblings, Who Knows Your Child Best - You or The Teacher, Lawmakers Seek To Expel Junk Food, Schools Try to "Work Out" PhysEd, more...

Featured Music:
Carrie Pettit, "Dream On"
Buzz Meade, "Shake"

Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop from The Centers For Disease Control on the subject of Autism and the CDC's campaign "Learn The Signs, Act Early". Dr. Yeargin-Allsop is a noted authority on the subject of Autism and the related spectrum disorders.

Featured Podcasts:
Podcast 411 - 101U4BW was Featured!
TheVAP Podcast
Manic Mommies
The Kids Bookmarks

-ToonTest 28
-Wipes Use 49, "Cleaning Up Internet Folklore"

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Episode 134 For Monday, April 10th, 2006

It's the 'Spring Fling' Daddycast!

The Mickey Mouse Phone Goes Cellular,Bedwetting Caused By Diet, Timing Of Pregnancy Determines Sex Of The Baby, Here Comes The ADHD Patch, more...

Featured Music:
Jim Taft, "Dummy In The Road"
The Supersuckers, "I Don't Wanna Know"
Lanky, "Falling Hard For The Girl"

Podcasts Of Mention:
Greg's "Dancing With Elephants" (Welcome to the circus!)
Digital Dan's "Hook Show"

April Is Autism Awareness Month. Please visit the Centers For Disease Control website to learn what steps you can take to help spread the word. Learn The Signs, Act Early.


Episode 133 For Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Daddy's Birthday Daddycast!

News: Death Prompts Recall Of Magnetix, 8-Year-Old Boy "Emergency Removal" For Sexual Harrassment, Fidgeting In Class May Help Students, Smart Kid Brains May Mature Later, Some Help Capping The Volume On The Kid's iPod, more...

Featured Music:
Jonathan Coulton, "Ikea"
Jann Klose, "Black Box"
Sean Mormelo, "I'll Stand"

-Baby Wipes Use #48, "Garbage Disposer Un-Disposer"
-ToonTest 26

Featuring snippets from Brother Love, and Miles and Steve at "The Strip" Podcast.

Sorry, everyone, for the delays in bringing this show online. Technical issues at the mothership persist, so I've had to switch to Plan B.