Episode 207: Report!

News Parents Can Use:
RECALL: Mattel Recalls Polly Pocket
Two Moms on Baby's Birth Certificate in NJ,
Electronic Toys: Are They Necessary?
Top Ten Tech Toys for 2006
Rules About Ads Targeting Kids Reviewed

Dad talks to Evan's Principal about playground safety, and banning tag and recess.

Featured Artists:
Phil Ayoub, "River To Ocean"
The Nadas, "Coming Home"
Spaghetti Cake, "Farm Boy"

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Episode 206: Podcast-ipation!

News Parents Can Use:
Flu Shots: Do They Work? Are They Safe?
Thousands Of Kids Hurt in School Buses Every Year,
Fathers More Influence in Their Child's Language Development,
How To Make 'Happy Crack',
Make Way For The LouseBuster!

Other Stuff Discussed On The Program:
Track Your Kids: Ion Kids System
Voters Approve Butterfly Preserve at Dalidio Ranch

Alice Leon from The Alice Project, talking about her inspiration, and her best / worst critic, 4-yr-old Eli.

Featured Artists:
The Alice Project, "This Is It"
Phil Ayoub, "Lying And Stealing"
Howard Jones, "Building Our Own Future"

Click Here for upcoming performances by Howard Jones.

Featured Podcasts:
1-2-3 Listen 2 Me
The LD Podcast
Dancing With Elephants
Get Jacked

Intro and background music provided by Larry Seyer and Jeff Shields.