Father Shot By Teen Daughter For Taking Cell Phone

The girl was despondent, and grounded for bad behavior by her father, so she retreats to her room, gets out a hunting bow and shoots her father, landing a solid shot in his torso.  She then goes to him, takes her cell phone back, and prevents dad from using it to call 911.

He crawls out a window, with the arrow still protruding from his body, makes his way to a car and drives 1/3 mile to use the neighbor's phone to call for help.

According to Det. William Adam, a S.W.A.T. team was sent into the forest to find the girl.  She was taken into custody, originally headed for juvenile detention, but apparently is under medical care at this time.

Wow - talk about the hazards of modern-day technology!

You can listen to Det. Adam on KIRO radio HERE.


Mom Is Injecting Poison Into Her Daughter's Face on ABC

Botox, short for 'Botulinum Toxin' is used in adults to mask wrinkles by effectively poisoning the nerves and muscles under the skin.

Kerry Campbell appeared on 'Good Morning America' to try and justify why she was personally taking needle in hand and shooting up her daughter Britney with Botox.

It is no surprise that once the San Francisco area Child Services agencies' call centers were flooded with calls that an 'investigation' was started.  Read the article from SFGate HERE.

Why, you ask, would a mom do this to her child?  To compete in beauty pageants, of course!

UPDATE: 5.20.2011: Yahoo News is reporting that the mom was paid to perpetrate a hoax, akin to the 'Balloon Boy' saga, which landed the dad in JAIL.  If this really was a hoax, mom deserves the same treatment...LOCK HER UP!


SWAT-Style Sweep for Parents of Kids Skipping School

OCRegister.com: Parents, you are now being targeted by local police.  You will be cuffed, your house will be raided by cops with riot gear carrying warrants, and you will be stuffed in the back of a cruiser and hauled in front of a judge if your kid is absent "too many times".

The justification?  You are STEALING from the schools, because if your kids aren't in their seats, the schools lose money.  WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY ALL THIS POLICE "WORK" IS COSTING THE TAXPAYERS?  Don't these school administrators realize that there are some kids whose sole reason for skipping school is to get their parents in trouble?  This is idiotic, an amazing waste of resources, and an outright abuse of police authority.

Go look at the photo gallery at the OCRegister and see for yourself.  I'm not exaggerating.


Teen Drinking Associated with Recreational Computer Use: Study

From NewsWise: Alcohol Use Linked to Time Spent Using a Computer for Non-School-Related Activities, Including the Use of Social Networking Sites, According to New Weill Cornell Study

It seems that if your teen uses Facebook, the odds that your teen is also drinking increases, according to the study.  The sample size was small, but this is one to watch.  It was published in the online journal Addictive Behaviors.  Link to the Cornell release HERE.

Are any parents surprised? 


Moms Lead, Daughters Follow - and Get Skin Cancer

Courtesy of NewsWise: A survey conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology concluded that a large percentage of young Caucasian girls follow in mom's footstep - into the indoor tanning salon.

Use of these tanning beds increase Melanoma risk by 75%, and yet they're still legal?

May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention month.  Do someone you know a favor and educate them on just how DEADLY these tanning beds are!


PC Rental Outfit Uses Webcams to Spy On Renters

Daily Tech is reporting that Aaron's used images taken from customer's webcams on PCs they had rented AND PAID OFF IN FULL. A class-action suit is likely to come.

According to the report, Crystal and Brian Byrd of Wyoming had completed their rent-to-own contract, but due to some 'clerical error', the rental outift came to their home, armed with pics taken with the webcam on the laptop they had recently paid off, presumably 'evidence' to the ownership of the machine.

The Byrds, in their statement to the AP, said that their main concern was for the safety of their family. They have small children, and if Aaron's had decided to snap a pic while their kids were getting out of the tub, that could be construed as child porn.

My concern is this: IF the software used to 'spy' on the Byrd's is found to be legal, when does it get de-activated? The software used also logs keystrokes as well, so is Aaron's intending to monitor the customer's web habits as a form of 'leverage'?

BUYER BEWARE! I would suggest that if you buy a PC with a webcam, better wipe the hard disk clean before you use it!