50th Anniversary of the Lego Brick!

I had 'em when I was a kid, my son enjoys them now. Happy 50th, Lego!


Use #86: Cleanup After Throat Culture

After a rough afternoon at the pediatrician, there's nothing more heartwarming than to see your kid - finally - resting comfortably. And right there beside him is his bestest buddy, Ben, watching over him.

Poor kid. The throat culture tested positive. When I was a kid, the lab results from one of those long gag-reflex invoking cotton swabs took 2 weeks or longer to come back. You were over the disease before you found out what it was! Now they have a test, very similar to those home baby-making test kits, complete with the little blue bar and little pink bar. Just wait 10 minutes and pink bar = strep.

After this experience I could use a trip to a bar.

The throat culture was a new experience for Evan. The nurse was a pro at administering the procedure, but the little food that remained in his stomach decided it wanted to see the pediatrician, too. The wipes came to the rescue again, as they can clean faces, waiting room furniture, and those stylish wing tips that I'm subsidizing with my co-pay.


Does this article make me look fat?

Our local paper ran a front-pager on the podcast - above the fold, no less - and ran a couple pictures. Cindy, my beloved bride, is a bit miffed that she wasn't included in the photo shoot, so I'm in the dog house now!

See photos, found with the article in THIS LINK to see just how far in the dog house I am!