Episode 145: Cake Withdrawal

Join Us For Evan's Birthday Festivities!

Tag Not "It" On School Playgrounds, YouTube And Your Kids: Online Video Concerns, Elmo Helping Families With Deployed Parents, Baby Fix Me A Drink, more...

Featured Music:
Second Saturday, "Arianna"
The Clintons, "Save The World"
Sean Patrick McGraw, "And The Good News Is"

No Celebration Would Be Complete Without These Party Animals:
Geoff Smith, 100 Year Picnic, Dancing With Elephants, Journey Inside My Mind, Manic Mommies, LD Podcast, The Shooby Show, CatFish Show, NavelCast, Crossfeed News


Episode 144 - Crop Circles!

What does a dental visit have to do with crop circles? Listen to the podcast to find out!

Students Opt For Web Yearbook, Student Suspended Over Threatening Buddy Icon, Doctors Miss Flu In Kids, Fewer Babies Making Babies, Chernobyl Kids, Porn Site Found on School Website, more...

Featured Music:
Last Fair Deal, "Out Of My Mind"
Darren Geffre, "Josephine"
Candy Butchers, "Let's Have a Baby"

Featured Websites:
The Learning Disabilities (LD) Podcast
Children of Chernobyl
Emily Rose Hindle

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Episode 143-1/2 - Daddy Panel #3!

Happy Independence Day!

On the panel this week, PD Love, Ringmaster Greg, Richard Brewer-Hay and JamesB join me to discuss summer travel, 'Ninja' camp, MySpace and our kids, cell phones for 5-year-olds, and a whole host of topics sure to help you get ready for the summer vacation season - or run and hide until the fall!

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