Episode 128 For Monday, February 27th, 2006

News: Baby Formula Recall, Pediatricians Not Board (Certified), Rotavirus Routine, Another MySpace News Alert, Big Brother For The Cafeteria, Philosophy For K-6, more...


Jeff from 100 Year Picnic joins the daddycast with his family for a talk about his music and family life.

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-Additional Music: Scamper, "Wait Wait"


Podcast Will Be Late This Week...

Sorry everyone. The power is out here at the Daddycast Studios. Its been out for a few hours, and I can't stay awake any longer. So, sadly, the show will have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm running on the batteries in my laptop, and 'borrowing' some wifi from a good samaritan across the valley from my house, where they still have electricity. Uh-oh...battery alarm...


Mead Johnson Recall Notice

Mead Johnson has announced a voluntary recall of its Gentlease infant formula. The 24-oz. cans from batch BMJ19 are being recalled because they may contain metal particles.

Here is a link to the Mead Johnson website.


Episode 127 For Sunday, February 19th, 2006


Americans Prefer to Leave Child's Sex To Chance, Tweens Savvy About Savings, Toddler Takes Test Drive, Singing Soothes Sick Kids, Child Attacked By Bed, more...

100 Year Picnic, "Mary Faye Tucker", Edie Carey, "Chemistry", Granian, "Mark My Words"

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- Wipes Use 41, "Carbol Fusion De-fuser"

Daddycast Premier of Lexie and Katherine's song, "Billy Bob Joe"

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USA Today Features Parenting Podcasts

According to Steve, the USA Today reporter that asked for listener input to this daddycast, the article should appear in today's edition, in the Life / Money section.

It can be found online in the Tech section.

More to come on the next episode. Stay Tuned...


RE-POST - Feed is broken.


Episode 126 For Sunday, February 12th, 2006

News: Girls Try Drugs and Alcohol at Higher Rates, Poll Shows Divide Among Parents and Teachers, Adults Scoff at Homework Gripes, Study Shows Influenza Influences, Dyslexic Children Respond to Spelling Treatment, Little Lips Sip Liquid Decay, more...

Music: Granian, "Uncovered", Steve Parsons, "Moving On", The Clintons, "Come With Me"
- ToonTest 19
- Wipes Use 42

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Episode 125 For Sunday, February 5th, 2006

News: Engineering For Girls – A New Book, Kids Use Cell Phones to Buy Porn, The Super Bowl Of Snacking, Fight Tooth Decay With Batteries, GTA Sued By LA DA For Ducking ESRB, more...

Music: Majek Fashek, "I Am Not Afraid", Laurence Elder, "Surrounded By You", The Compliments, "Sweet Sorrow"

- ToonTest 18
- Special Interview Segment, Andrew Bub, "GamerDad.com"