Episode 119 For Saturday, December 24th, 2005

Its The Christmas Show!
News: Earbuds - Hip or Harmful, Got Allergies? Read The Label, FCC Delays on Kids TV Rules, Schools Turn Down The Heat, a VAWA Update, more...
Music: (available at music.podshow.com)
Peeper Radio Theatre, "12 Days of X-Mas"
Heth and Jed, "Christmas Sweeter Than Wine"
Chaz, "Gift of Love"
Candy Butchers, "Give Me a Second Chance For Christmas"
The Sippy Cups, "Jingle Bell Rock" (Babywipes Exclusive!)
Allison Crowe, "The First Noel"
- Toontest 12

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Merry Christmas from The Daddycast!

Here's a little something for your iStockings...or iPods...or portable MP3 players...

Episode 118 For Sunday, December 18th, 2005

News: VAWA Passes Committee, Cable TV Gets Family Friendly, Parents TV Council Gets Cable Un-Friendly, Take Two Teaspoons And Call Me In The Morning, More Drivers On Cell Phones, FDA Sits on RotaVirus Sidelines, more...

Music: Gidgets Ga ga, "Christmas Wish",
Charlie Crowe, "Joy - Holiday-ish" (music.podshow.com)

- ToonTest 11
- Wipes Use 35

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Props to Cat at the CatFishShow!


Primer on 'Leet Speak'

Here's a detailed explanation on the IM communication technique (and parental subterfuge) called LeetSpeak, also spelled l33tspe/\k, and 7eetsp34k. There's many other interesting forms, but I just can't think of all of 'em.

Microsoft's "A Parents Primer on Computer Slang" can be found HERE.

Watch what your kids are typing...this article can be your secret decoder ring, or maybe your Enigma machine.


Episode 117 For Sunday, December 11th, 2005

News- Violent Games Beget Violent Kids: Yet Another Study, Babies Having Strokes, Visions of iPods Dance in Their Heads, IM as Teen Literature, Internet Safety Training Coming to a School Near You, more...
Music- Beatrice Ericsson, "Christmas Without You", Chaz, "Gift Of Love", Candy Butchers, "Give Me A Second Chance For Christmas" (music.podshow.com)
- ToonTest 10
- Wipes Use 33
- More STUFF!

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Episode 116 For Sunday, December 4th, 2005

News - Baby Making Backlash, Blog Your Way Out Of School, "Eat Me" Has A New Meaning in Video Games, Driving High, more...
Music - Candy Butchers, "Let's Have A Baby", Podsafe For Peace, "What If Every Day Were Christmas" (Podsafe Music Network)
- ToonTest 9
- Wipes Use 31
- More!

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