Episode 124 For Sunday, January 29th, 2006

Its The E-R Edition of 'The Daddycast'!

News: AAA Reports on Teen Drivers, Documentary Examines ‘Sesame Street’, Colds Don’t Worry Moms, DirecTV to Offer Family Programming, MORE Parents Playing Video Games, Headache and Sleep Problems Linked in Children, Baby Teethers Recalled, FLA Dad Punches Teachers Aide, more…

Josh Woodward, "Adventures Of The Deaf Dreamer",
Nicholas Alan, "Why Did I Wait?",
Kevin Reeves, "Shine"

-Wipes Use 40
-ToonTest 17

Lots of baby wipes uses submitted by listeners this week.

Evan is doing just fine after his trip to the emergency room. He's showing off his new bracelet.

For more information about the baby teether recall mentioned in the podcast, visit www.thefirstyears.com or www.fda.gov. You can also check the shownotes archive.


Episode 123 For Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

News: Bird Flu Gets New Look, Smoking During Pregnancy Causes Mutants, Students Outsourcing Homework for Cash, Santas Planned Kidnap of UK PM, Kellogg, Viacom Sued Over Spongebob, more...

Music: The Compliments, "Something Like Happiness", Edwin Derricutt, "Cold As Ice", Beatrice Ericsson, "Through The Night"

-Wipes Use 39
-ToonTest 16

Thanks to Dr. Larry Payne for his contribution to the Avian Flu story in this week's episode. His podcast can be found at AnotherNightShift.com.

Thanks Also to Teri Stoddard for her coverage of the REAL STORY involving Fathers4Justice-UK. Please check out her blog at Feminist4Fathers.blogspot.com.


Episode 122 For Monday, January 16th, 2006

News: Veggies Take Over High School Lunch Line, Research or Pundits: We Report, You Decide, Computers Fail Reading Comp, Advantages to Full-Day Kindergarten, Indoor Tanning Equals Skin Cancer, more...

Music: Sean Mormelo, "Is Anybody Driving You Wild", Greg Tannen, "Lucky This Time", Beatrice Ericsson, "Come Down With Me"

-Wipes Use 38
-ToonTest 15

A reporter from USA Today contacted me, and has asked for your input. He'd like to know why listeners turn to podcasts for their information and advice on parenting. You can e-mail him at SteveUSAT-at-aol-dot-com, and tell him what you think. Please provide your full name, where you live, and a telephone number.

Thanks for your participation!


Dow Breaks Glass Ceiling, goes Above 11,000

I've mentioned my good friend, Matthew Brown, my personal investment guru on the daddycast. He somehow found a way to slip me a note (well, an IM actually) while teaching students in Taiwan the basics of English idioms, like "I caught wind of a move in the stock market".

His students were baffled. They thought he was complaining of a bad smell on the farm, perhaps caused by flatulent cattle.

He was referring, of course, to the new high water mark the DJIA hit in today's trading. Its the first time the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been at this mark since before 9/11...good luck finding this on the front pages of any newspapers, though. But Matt had predicted this on Episode 120, and sure enough, 2 weeks later, here we are, above 11,000.

Matthew sent me a note to advise me to move all my available capital (i.e. cash or money market funds, which I could transfer without penalties or fees) into the domestic mutual funds I have in my portfolio. I have 5 of those. Their trading symbols are HMVMX, VIIIX, DRLCX, OTCFX and VIEIX. I don't make money selling these, I just buy 'em through my employer's 401(k) plan.

If you've been listening to the podcast regularly, you already know that Matt and I talk about our investments "over a beer" as it were, and I promised to keep you, the listeners informed as we moved money into and out of these funds. Well, we're all in! every penny of available capital in my investment portfolio is now "in play", and has been spread across these 5 funds equally, 20% in each.

The market can change very quickly, and the idea Matt uses is to preserve gains and minimize losses. Sounds like a simple plan, but timing is important. He watches where the money is going and follows it, pushing money into funds during up trends and pulling money out of funds during down trends. We're in an upward swing now...let's see how far up we can go!

So, for those of you thinking of establishing an investment fund for a college education for your kids, now would be a good time.

NOTE: We are not professional investors, nor do we even pretend to be. Use this information at your own risk. If this is all gibberish to you, consult an investment guy before risking your hard-earned money, OK? 'Nuff said?


Episode 121 For Saturday, January 7th, 2006

News- FDA Studies ADD, Schools Tell Parents to "Pay Up to Log On", College Saving Worries Parents Again, Think Your SUV is Safe?, Florida Court Throws Out Vouchers

Jonathan Coulton, "Shop Vac",
Chris Ayers, "New Years Resolution",
Beatrice Ericsson, "Reach Out"

-Wipes Use 37
-ToonTest 14


Episode 120 For Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Happy New Year!

News: Judge Halts Video Game Law in CA, Teen Online Buyer Beware, Don't Let Them Kids Hibernate This Winter, Kids Will Outgrow Bedwetting - usually, Got The Blues? You've Got Children!, Survey Says-9 Percent of Teens Seriously Depressed, Lamaze or Not Lamaze?

Music: Larry Seyer, "Ten-O-Five", Jennifer Helane, "Delivery", Allison Crowe, "Lisa's Song", Gifford, Negus and Houston, "The Drunk Scots Mix"

-Wipes Use 36
-ToonTest 13

More Stuff!

I'd like to thank everyone in the listening audience for a great 2005! Here's wishing you the very best for the new year! Cheers!