Episode 107 for Friday, September 30, 2005

News: Freeways Cause Asthma, ADHD or Lack of Sleep?, Ritalin New Drug of Choice on Campus, Tonsil Removal as Lifestyle Nervana
Music: "Princess Of Willowcrest" by John McCloy, "Fine Mess" by PJ Smith, "Blister" by Christian Nesmith

-Wipes Use #20: Karate Respect
-New Segment: TOONTEST!
-Listener Feedback

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1 comment:

Bryan said...

I found your news bits about ADHD and Ritalin interesting. It prompts me to share my story.

My son is a bright and curious child. As your son has probably taught you this means he is a handful. He began having trouble in school and becoming disruptive in the second half of 2nd grade. He would fight horribly to not do his homework and it was a daily battle to get him to complete it. Then we started getting word from his teacher, whom we talk with regularly, that he was not "staying on task" in class and was disrupting the class.

We had the school psychologist evaluate him and she found he was an ADHD candidate and recommended having our doctor evaluate him. So, we got a package from our HMO with surveys for each of us, our son's teacher, and the school psychologist.

When these were evaluated with my son it was determined that he did have ADHD. We were very hesitant to just put him on meds because it is so often a knee-jerk reaction to just dope up the kids. However, after talking to the doctor we felt much better because he wanted to start at a very low level and work up to the minimum effective dosage. He is also on short duration ritalin, not the all day time-release type.

The results have been fantastic. He is much happier and able to learn in school and complete his work at home. He has not become a zombie or disconnected at all. Instead he as become a happy well adjusted child who likes to play outside, read, and play games with us.