Episode 122 For Monday, January 16th, 2006

News: Veggies Take Over High School Lunch Line, Research or Pundits: We Report, You Decide, Computers Fail Reading Comp, Advantages to Full-Day Kindergarten, Indoor Tanning Equals Skin Cancer, more...

Music: Sean Mormelo, "Is Anybody Driving You Wild", Greg Tannen, "Lucky This Time", Beatrice Ericsson, "Come Down With Me"

-Wipes Use 38
-ToonTest 15

A reporter from USA Today contacted me, and has asked for your input. He'd like to know why listeners turn to podcasts for their information and advice on parenting. You can e-mail him at SteveUSAT-at-aol-dot-com, and tell him what you think. Please provide your full name, where you live, and a telephone number.

Thanks for your participation!

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