Episode 143, The Shake-N-Bake Daddycast!

Playing Soccer Results In Toxic Shock Syndrome, The Myth Of Sunscreen, Teen Smoking in US Stops Falling, Fatal Asthma Attacks: Its The Parents Fault, Speed-Sitting, More...

Dr. Hogan Discusses Parental Alienation Syndrome, and the principle of equal, shared parenting.

Featured Music:
Amy Courts, "Alone"
Caitlin Evanson, "You Still Shine"
Cherry Suede, "Not A Day Goes By"
Cameo Appearances:
C.C. Chapman - Accident Hash
Leo Laporte - This Week In Tech

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Erica said...

Hey, Dennis. It's Erica with the sticky husband. Thanks for featuring my use for baby wipes on your podcast. I really do have to give the credit to my husband, Korey. He was the one that reached for the baby wipes.

The only comment I have is I am from Indianola, Iowa (I have a lot of hometown pride). But other than that, love the podcast!

Dennis said...

My bad, Erica! So sorry! Must be the affects of aging!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Dennis!
Just got done listening to this episode, first time listener but certainly not a one-timer! ^_^
I heard ya on TWiT, and the name of your podcast was so unique I had to give it a listen.
Not a parent yet, hubby and I are waiting until we're a little more grown up, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy hearing about topics that usually only parents care about. Educational AND Amusing, is a winning combination. ^_^
You've officially made it into my weekly rotation of podcasts. Thanks for helping my workday go by quicker!

Arpie said...

Dennis, good job on the podcast, very entertaining and well produced. From one parent to the other, good job. And good plug on TWIT... ;-)