Episode 145: Cake Withdrawal

Join Us For Evan's Birthday Festivities!

Tag Not "It" On School Playgrounds, YouTube And Your Kids: Online Video Concerns, Elmo Helping Families With Deployed Parents, Baby Fix Me A Drink, more...

Featured Music:
Second Saturday, "Arianna"
The Clintons, "Save The World"
Sean Patrick McGraw, "And The Good News Is"

No Celebration Would Be Complete Without These Party Animals:
Geoff Smith, 100 Year Picnic, Dancing With Elephants, Journey Inside My Mind, Manic Mommies, LD Podcast, The Shooby Show, CatFish Show, NavelCast, Crossfeed News


Anonymous said...
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Dennis said...


If you have a comment, suggestion or comment about the show (and not a sales pitch) I will be happy to allow you to post here.

wsh1266 said...

Dear Dennis:
I'm glad you stood up for yourself with the Mouse! Thanks for playing the birthday greeting, james and John were so excited to hear themselves singing!
Have a great summer!