Daddy Panel 10: YAY! Daddy's Cooking Dinner Tonight!

On this episode of The Daddy Panel we discuss our strategies for preparing our kids for a life time of learning, the idea of putting our kids on public display, maintaining a healthy family, keeping the romance alive, and the prospect of having another child.

Podcasts Featured:
Short Cummings Audio
A Cub Scouting Adventure

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Click HERE for the show. Dinner's ready!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys--

Thanks for playing my promo! I feel like an honorary member of the Daddy Panel. ;)

I enjoyed the show very much... particularly the disucssions about reading and diets.

Keep up the good work!


SmileSleep said...

hello,i found a funny kids video.I think you will have an interest in it.

Ed Price said...

Ha! This is great! It's very important for Daddy to cook dinner sometimes so that Mommy can relax.

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