Am I being over-sensitive to the marketing tactics employed by the mega-red-retailer whose name is synonymous with concentric circles at the end of a pistol range, or is this just plain WRONG?

I was in my local red-themed store and found the piggy banks next to the one-armed bandits. Am I the only bozo on the bus who thinks this is a BAD IDEA?

I know, I know. The slot machine 'toys' are, in fact, banks. But what message is this sending to the kids? Is it telegraphing by reference that gambling is saving?

Just askin'...

...But DON'T GET ME STARTED on those Barbie checkout toys, complete with fake magnetic-stripe credit card!

Apologies for the bad photo, but its the best my cell phone could deliver. And for the record, and in the interest of full disclosure, I do not live in Las Vegas, near Atlantic City, and this photo wasn't taken in a community where gambling is 'legalized'.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow Dennis - I completely agree. I know that major retail chains actually make detailed plans (with illustrations!) for stocking aisles, and it boggles the mind that not one of the thousands (yes, thousands) of people responsible for approving and then implementing those plans ever said - "Hey, maybe putting (blank) and (blank) together is sending a poor message."