Does this article make me look fat?

Our local paper ran a front-pager on the podcast - above the fold, no less - and ran a couple pictures. Cindy, my beloved bride, is a bit miffed that she wasn't included in the photo shoot, so I'm in the dog house now!

See photos, found with the article in THIS LINK to see just how far in the dog house I am!


Emily's Dad said...

Hey Dennis - the camera always adds 25 pounds! You should know that !!

Also, after you have a kid you should have learned long ago - they are the only ones that ever look good in pics with mom and dad.

Good story !


Unknown said...

Great article, Dennis !! I would have liked more information about the British Dad's dilemma, but understand that you have no control over article content.

Keep up the good work !!


Dennis said...

@Donna: If you want more info on Karl, the British father whose daughter is missing in the USA, you can go to his website;


Also, stay tuned to this blog and the podcast for an update on Karl's situation.