Parents Deemed Unfit Because Their Kid is 'Fat'

A third grader in Cleveland was yanked from his family and stuffed into foster care (who get paid for taking in children, bu have no parental connection or bond) because the child was deemed 'obese', and was found to be suffering from sleep apnea.

The mom was called 'unfit' and acused of child neglect, despite seeking medical care for the child.  She was ORDERED to participate in a weight loss program, and was actively seeking help, but was still considered unfit to be a mom.

There are some problems with this logic;
  1. Mom is actively seeking medical help for her child, so how is this neglect?
  2. While in foster care, the kid didn't improve, so he was returned to his family,
  3. The act of ripping kids from their real families and placing them in a strangers home (something we are taught as kids is to be avoided) isn't considered to be harmful at all,
  4. It does not appear that any kind of workup for genetic disposition to obesity was done prior to the state taking action.
You can read the article from ABC News HERE.  Let this be a warning - if your kid looks like he or she is packing a few too many pounds, have a good lawyer ready!

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