Facebook Junior: Evil Scheme To Hook Your Kids

From LATimes.com: The evil overlords at Facebook are considering new ways to data mine the populace.  Now they're cooking up a way to circumvent privacy laws regarding children and hook our kids on the same brain crack that many adults find themselves hooked on.

Introducing Facebook Junior - aka Facebook for kids that should be outside playing instead of sitting in front of a computer interacting with total strangers and racking up hours on inane games, all for the sake of generating marketing data.

Facebook is evil.  Its marketing intentions have never been clearly articulated by its CEO because if they were, no one would join voluntarily.  Remember the Zuckerberg interview at the 'D' Conference and the waterfall of sweat from Mr. Z as he tried to explain what Facebook was up to?  Facebook's stock price is currently the butt of jokes on Wall St. because there is no real value to the company (remember MySpace?).  No one trusts Facebook to keep their data safe or secure, their privacy settings have been laughable and their 'errors' in releasing private data have always been to Facebook's benefit and not the users.

And yet like lemmings, adults keep logging in and using it.  Up until now, the younger generations have been uninterested in Facebook, preferring to walk into lamp posts, sending TXT messages to people they actually know IRL - in real life - see, I'm plugged in, kids.  Truth is, the kids have more common sense about new tech than the adults do, and that's why they're not interested in Facebook.

This new ploy by Zuck & Co is like the cigarette ads back in the '60s, designed to get kids hooked on smoking, knowing full well they'd stay hooked until they died of lung cancer.  Sorry, but I see a strong similarity.

Remember: Facebook's product is YOU - the user.  Do you want your kids to be a product?

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