Use #3: Ant Repellant.

Mind you, I'm not suggesting you pass up hiring a professional exterminator, but the fragrence component of baby wipes seems to irritate those miniscopic, nosy, pesky little pests you find in your kitchen; You know, the ones marching single-file, headed straight away for the waste can that maybe your spouse neglected to take out after discarding those frozen chicken gizzrds you've been saving in tyhe back of the freezer for that special evening feast. Anyway, as you wipe up the pests, the ants stick to the wipe's surface, and that invisible trail the rest of the pack follows gets disrupted, confusing the little bastards you missed when you wiped 'em up half an hour ago. Placing a fresh baby wipe at the point of entry can be effective also, by persuading the army of marching black scum to turn around and head for home --er-- nest. Notice I said repellent -- this is not a method for solving a serious ant infestation, but can be used as a weapon in the arsenal for fighting a major invasion. Possible applications might be barriers to convice reluctant ant colonists to take bait from those bait traps you put down that seemed ineffective. Try using wipes as ramparts, uh, walls, to guide the ants to the traps, sorta like radio fence for insects.
COST: $0 - After all, the premise of this blog is that you save everything, and you're trying to find uses for wipes you already have. As a plus, they add value to those bait traps you bought at Wal-Mart last summer and stuck in the closet, because your wife said they'd never work.

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