Episode 109 for Saturday, October 15, 2005

Headlines: Violence 'Viewed' as a Crisis, Avoid SIDS, kids In Cribs, NRA Draws Fire, MySpace.com has parents spaced out, ADHD and Caged-Kid Update, more...
Music: John McCloy, "Just Believe It", Full Minute of Mercury, "That Song is Stuck in My Head", (music.podshow.com), Too Old To Rock, "Bingo Night at Emily's" (GarageBand.com)
-Wipes Use 22
-Toontest 3
-Listener Feedback
-Lots More STUFF that I'm to medicated to write about

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Darren Swartzendruber said...

Another great episode! First time I have heard the Tune Test -- great, loved it. My kids will love listening to this episode (I subject them to podcasts in the car).

Dennis said...

Thanks for commenting, Darren. This was actually the 3rd toon-test, so maybe you can go back and get episodes 107 and 108 and give 'em a listen.

Anonymous said...

"La Leche" pronounced like 'luh-Lesh'

And Wallace and Gromit's warehouse burned down. None of the stuff from the new movie were lost in the fire, just the old stuff.


So, what in the world is your prefered email address too? I am John at Keimel dot Com if you'd like to email me back. :)

Anonymous said...

Movies with Babies in Santa Monica... See you there!


Molglorf said...

Thanks for the podcast Dennis.

Two things: You asked about movies for babies in other parts of the world. Here in New Brunswick, Canada, they have "Reel Babies" once a month, and my wife attends them every time.

Also, for the music, leave it in. I for one really enjoy it, and on the other hand: IT’S YOUR SHOW. If you feel that it adds to the experience, leave it in. People who don’t want to listen can fast forward. (Although it may help to add chapters to your podcast.)

Anonymous said...

good show... but too large a file to download. Could you look at compressing it more? It seems to take a long time to dowload. :-(