Episode 110 For Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

Headlines: Weighing In on Childhood Obesity, Kids WiFi at Mickey-Ds, Noisy Toys are Big this Holiday Season, Building Baby's Brain with Bach, Some Food Mythology, more...

Music: Lynn Julian, "Get The Picture" (music.podshow.com), Sheva Solomon, "Song For Myself" (Garageband.com)
-ToonTest 4, Wipes Use 23, lots more stuff...

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Anonymous said...

Brace yourself for another long message (I wrote before about "women in CS")....

I think you went way overboard trying to express your opinion on general paternal rights. :(

You stated that men have no other choice than to work, but that women have many choices and always have. You sound un-educated and sexist. Men can quit and stay home with the kids just as easily as women. Women who decide to work full-time after having kids suffer from the interuption of their career during maternity leave, something men do not have to deal with. It is somewhat less socially accepted for men to stay at home, but it's really not that accepted for women to stay at home either (just google "mommy wars" and you'll get the picture).

You said you were mad because the only person (the dad) with dna involved in this case was given "no consideration to his parental rights". The fact that the case was in the Tenn. Supreme Court IS consideration, AND he was awarded joint custody of the children!!

I can understand your frustration that courts generally give
custody to the women - that's valid and I agree with you. But to imply it should be the opposite would be just as stupid. The decision should be based soley on the specific details of the case and the people involved.

I got the impression you feel that dna should be the deciding factor -that's stupid, too. Under that theory - the egg donor has the right to come back and ask for the children back from the couple. A parent has very little to do with dna and a whole lot to do with their presence in the child's life. You obviously didn't have any trouble conceiving your child, or you would have thought through some of these issues.

baltimore, md

Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

Kelly, please e-mail your comments (which are always welcome) at submit@101usesforbabywipes.com, and I can explain why I have the position on this that I do. My PERSONAL experience with the courts, corporate HR practice and parental rights in specific - are at the crux of my opinion, and are based in fact. If you read the case, you will see that the father was not recognized as the "father" but the "sperm donor". I know that was for legal reasons, but it was also for the purpose of diminishing the father's role in child-rearing. I for one find that that sort of mis-characterization offensive. Your arguement about maternity leave is one I'd like to explore, since I needed to stay home for "paternity leave" and was denied leave and threatened with termination, despite the serious medical condition of both my wife and my newborn son, and tha fact that laws prevent such firings.

And by the way, calling me or my opinion STUPID does not further the dialogue, but impedes it. And it hurts my feelings, too.

Your points are valid ones, but I cannot allow inflammatory posts on my blog, so in the future, please try to avoid labels like "stupid". Make your points and counter-points, but please remember this forum is for the exchange of ideas, not insults.