Episode 145-1/2: The Daddy Panel is Back!

Tribute To Clarence Birdseye

This week Rob from Podcast 411, JamesB from the Navelcast, PD love of Lovehouse Radio and Ringmaster Greg from Dancing With Elephants join Dennis from 101 Uses For Baby Wipes to talk about dealing with disappointment, planning for the unthinkable, bait-n-switch, and alternative uses for frozen peas!

Have we peaked your curiosity?

Click the headphones to download the show!

1 comment:

Daniel said...

My wife Jennie and I go together like peas and carrots.

I enjoyed this show while listening at work today, with headphones because that's just how I am. A couple chuckles escaped.

I found myself wanting to chime in with my own experiences and thoughts.

Very good one.