Episode 112 for Friday, November 4th, 2005

Its the "mellowcast"...
Shownotes -
News: Study-Learning Math is Hard (really?), 20% of Wives Earn More than Husbands, Kids Learn Best when Numbers and Letters Don't Dance, Sill More Studies on Violence in Movies, more...
Music: Anytown, "Feeling Older", Longview, "9 to 5", Nathan Sheppard, "Traveling On" (garageband.com), Will Grega, "Dharma" (music.podshow.com)
-ToonTest 6
-Wipes Use 26
-Tips to Reduce Stress

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for playing Nathan Sheppard. If you like his music you can find his whole catalog available on iTunes or www.LostCatRecords.com. Keep up the great work; good podcast.

Anonymous said...

I'm SpannA
17 sydney Australia,
i'm a friend of Elise's that you mentioned on your most recent pod.
she's a very smart girl, don't think we're all that intelligent.
i personally am worried for the future of education.
i don't know how the american schooling system works, but here down under, the system is different in each state.
in NSW (the state i reside in) has the higher school certificate at the end of the final year of study in high school(year12), and your rank in this examination determines what courses you are able to enter in universities and colleges.
i find this really debateable. i am ranked against the smartness of 60 000 other students, and when we all do different subjects, how is that fair or even equatable.
a comment elise has made to me repetitively is "has anyone noticed that the bar of teachers/society's expectations keep rising higher so that everything is unattainable? we can never please them"
i agree. our school is about an hour out of Sydney and is an Academic selective high school, (we sit a test to get in) but we are expected to study 30 hours a week outside of school. they expect us to drop all our other commitments.
as a student who works, goes diligently to church and youth group, plays sport, and travels 2 hours each way to school, what am i supposed to do? i don't eat or sleep properly, and i am generally always grumpy.
and with all the child protection laws, so much is going on and we aren't allowed to do anything about it. its not just laws about children and teachers, but children and children. we are not supposed to have any contact between students physically. so on a bad day, you can't go and get a hug....if a teacher is around.
i guess i'm just taking this opportunity to whinge.
but it worries me that in a world that is deteriorating, and that always comments about how people aren't as close, they don't have time for each other, we aren't allowed to, in those times that we need to, find comfort in the loving arms of another.
we can never please them
best be off