Episode 113 For Saturday, November 11th, 2005

We're "On Remote" This weekend. We're podcasting on-the-road from Ontario, California, from the first-ever podcasting convention!

Headlines-CA Prop 73: Parents or teens; whose rights come first? - Judge Attacks "Ignorant Parents" - "Sex Survey" for 1st graders - Internet looming larger in lives of kids, Gravelles want their kids back, more...

Music-BB Chung King and the Buddaheads, "Little Girl" and Alien Cowboys, "From The Well" (garageband.com)

Since we're "on-location", its a short episode. We'll catch up next week. You can find the link OVER HERE... but please subscribe...pretty please?

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Anonymous said...

Hey there,
This is Mike(34) living in LA LA land or Los Angeles (Lakewood to be precise). I have a 4month old named Griffin at home and have really enjoyed your podcasts.
Just to put out our general parenting position, so far anyway. We are cloth diapers, sleeping in our room, breast feeding only, no crying it out, baby wearing liberal types. We have taken the little guy camping out at Joshua Tree, where we like to climb and hike, and as soon as his neck can handle it I plan to take him on many hikes and adventures.
We will be starting with other foods very soon and we really found the article on foods and spices interesting and thought provoking.
Quick opinions on the podcast itself. Music is good, toontest is ok, although we are not yet in the TV watching phase yet, although he does seem overly interested in CSI. I generally score 1 of 3, usually getting the Family Guy or Futurama and even Rugrats tunes, but not all the other less adult oriented fare.
The ADHD discussions are very interesting, I have seen my wife's cousins over medicated since they were little and now they are significantly screwed up teenagers.
I know you are generally anti-medication where possible, but was not sure I had heard your position on all the different vaccinations a child can be given, which are needed, which are unnecessary and which are just dangerous?
I have the same issue as you as far as the getting sick thing. I get chronic bronchitis 3 or more times a year and the attendant antibiotics and what not. Mommy and Griffin have gotten me sick twice already although he seems to be weathering things without any medication needed.
Anyway, I have blathered on quite enough. Drop me an email at reddig at yahoo.com if you wish and the website I posted links to pics of my little guy.
Thanks again