Episode 114 For Friday, November 18th, 2005

News - Lunchtime: Get The Lead Out, Parents Need To "Get Game", Sleep Your Way To School Success, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?", HelpNameOurBaby-dot-com Launch, more...
- Music - Transparent Tim, "SLM"
- ToonTest 7
- Interview: Teri Stoddard, author, Feminist4Fathers, SharedParentingWorks.org

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Other Links Discussed in the podcast:

- Stop PAS
- Live Beat Dads
- Child's Right


Teri said...

Thank you Dennis, from the bottom of my heart. Teri

Atlanta Cracker said...

Love the show! Maybe you could feature some suggested Chrismas gifts for kids of different ages??

hornshwangler said...

I really enjoyed the chat with Teri and appreciate the effort and time you've spent providing the information.


Dennis said...

To 'atlanta cracker'...

In Episode 111, I covered the predicted 'hot toys of 2005'. Here's a LINK to the article from my not-yet-ready-for-primetime news archive.

Bryan said...

About your news items:
Lead - We switched back to paper sacks when our son started 3d grade because he kept leaving his "lead laced" lunchboxes at school. So, nice to know he was just helping us out after all. ;-)
Video Games - The young author made some good points. I know ALL the games my son plays. He doesn't get a game without me knowing. I know that's easy now that he is only 8, but he knows not to play games/demos that are rated T without my OK. He is interested in Civilization because I play it, he just isn't quite ready for the complicated nature of the game yet. Also, we found that when we took the PS2 out of his room he started asking to play outside a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview with Teri Stoddart.

Robert Brown said...

Excellent interview with Teri.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis, loved your last few podcasts. The one with the interview with Teri Stoddard was brilliant. Man, your federal government do waste money (I am Danish living in Germany and I am sure ours do too). Also really liked the short podcast when you were on location. No music and no tune test (as I don't live in the US I don't know ANY of these tunes so I fast forward over that section). And as I have only limited time I tend to fast forward over the music as well (not because it is bad but just no time with four children).
Kenneth Madsen
Ebenhausen, Bavaria, Germany

Anonymous said...

For those of you checking out the shownotes looking for the website with information on lead in children's lunchboxes, it is:

The links it refers you to for testing your lunchboxes are:

Thanks for sharing this news with us! Love your show!