Episode 136 For Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Philly Schools Ignoring Parents, MySpace Foils Repeat of Columbine Massacre, Parents Confident, Teachers Skeptical, Administrators Playing With Numbers Over No Child Left Behind, Do You Snore? Bet Your Kid Does! More...

Featured Music:
Lorena Mire, "Hide And Seek"
The Clintons, "Sex On The Radio"

Dr. Debra Balke, MD, Pediatric Neurologist, on the topic of raising a child with autism.

Featured Podcasts:
Manic Mommies
The BiddieCast

Thanks to all the podcasters who've helped increase autism awareness this month!
PD Love at LoveHouse Radio and The DaddyCast
Matt and Amy at The Redboy Podcast
Greg and Tonya at "Dancing With Elephants"

Music By Jim Fidler used to introduce the interview segment, "Lillian: A Portrait In Sound."

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