Episode 134 For Monday, April 10th, 2006

It's the 'Spring Fling' Daddycast!

The Mickey Mouse Phone Goes Cellular,Bedwetting Caused By Diet, Timing Of Pregnancy Determines Sex Of The Baby, Here Comes The ADHD Patch, more...

Featured Music:
Jim Taft, "Dummy In The Road"
The Supersuckers, "I Don't Wanna Know"
Lanky, "Falling Hard For The Girl"

Podcasts Of Mention:
Greg's "Dancing With Elephants" (Welcome to the circus!)
Digital Dan's "Hook Show"

April Is Autism Awareness Month. Please visit the Centers For Disease Control website to learn what steps you can take to help spread the word. Learn The Signs, Act Early.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the show - it has been on my list to give it a try. I totally agree with your assessment of "the cages" as well as the questionable safety of the ADD patch. Scary times to be a parent...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for promoting autism awareness month. If only more people/places/organizations had the slightest idea about autism and the related autism spectrum disorders, parents like me would have an easier time with their children.

Anonymous said...

good show this week, however I am about a week behind in all my podcast shows. would like the link that shows the research on children watching to much TV. My 2 year old can count to 10 and speak many words in spanash because of Dora the Explorer. I guess that shows how much TV my kid has been watching this winter. (oops)
Jim. - Tacoma Washington