Episode 133 For Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Daddy's Birthday Daddycast!

News: Death Prompts Recall Of Magnetix, 8-Year-Old Boy "Emergency Removal" For Sexual Harrassment, Fidgeting In Class May Help Students, Smart Kid Brains May Mature Later, Some Help Capping The Volume On The Kid's iPod, more...

Featured Music:
Jonathan Coulton, "Ikea"
Jann Klose, "Black Box"
Sean Mormelo, "I'll Stand"

-Baby Wipes Use #48, "Garbage Disposer Un-Disposer"
-ToonTest 26

Featuring snippets from Brother Love, and Miles and Steve at "The Strip" Podcast.

Sorry, everyone, for the delays in bringing this show online. Technical issues at the mothership persist, so I've had to switch to Plan B.

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