Episode 147 - One Year Anniversary - 'Cheesy'!

Dennis rants about processed cheese.
These are pretty pictures created using baby wipes!

News / Commentary: Kids Buying Booze on the Web, School Superintendent Rigs Test Scores for Bonus, Parents Pay For Performance, DC Curfew Linked to Irresponsible Parents, Kids Locked Up and Fingerprinted for Playing in a Tree, more...

John Murtari, jailed for owing back child support he cannot pay, sits in jail, not eating or drinking to protest an unjust family court system.

Teri Stoddard joins the show to give us the details of John's arrest, his protest, and his organization, Akidsright.org.

Featured Music:
Plan D, "Friend In You"
Louise Setara, "Wrong Again"
Robert Walker, "One For The Road"

Featured Podcasts / Websites:
A Kid's Right
Mens News Daily
Average Joe American
Dancing With Elephants

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