Episode 148: Its a Gas!

Boy Scouts Do Good Deed For Baby, States Have Conflict Of Interest With Parents Over Adoption, Survey Says: Kids Hurt On The Job - A Lot, Kids Not Getting Enough TV? Give 'em Local Channels In The Car!

Featured Music:
Slau, "What Did You Do?"
Amy Ayres, "One More Day"
3 Blind Mice, "Call Me Beautiful"

Featured Podcasts:
The Second Time Around
My Baby Monsters

The Toon Test is back! Listen to the podcast to learn how you can win PRIZES!

You can view a short video interview with John Murtari and hear him explain, in his own words, why he believes his civil rights are being violated, and how the state of New York is preventing him from being a parent to his son. (Courtesy News 10 Now - Syracuse)

If you'd like to learn how you can help John with his fight to be a dad,
click here to read more on Teri Stoddard's blog at Men's News Daily.

You can find another link to infant seat hammocks here, along with other useful equipment for active kids!

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