Episode 148-1/2: Daddy Panel 5

Duck On A Cheeto!

This week Rob from Podcast 411, JamesB from the Navelcast, PD love of Lovehouse Radio and Ringmaster Greg from Dancing With Elephants join Dennis from 101 Uses For Baby Wipes to talk about the fate of the 'picky eater', giving baby the boot, year-round school, who's side are dads on - their kids or 'the man', and the bank of daddy - allowance section.

We also talk about the newest in minivan fashion trends.

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Chris from the Amateur Traveler said...

I enjoyed your panel but had a very different experience with kids sleeping in the room when my kids were little. My wife, for some reason, had a recurring nightmare that she had fallen asleep with the baby in the bed. So when the baby would cry we would wake up and she would reach over to try and find the baby (who was in his own room) and find me. All I could often express in my sleep deprived state was a groggy "husband".