Episode 202: Paradigm Shift

Its Back To School Night!

News Headlines:
FaceBook Privacy Face-Off, The Million Dollar Xanga Zinger, This Bud.TV is for You, How NOT To Teach Your Kids About Heights, Abbott recalls Infant Formula

Link To Baby Formula Recall - www.abbott.com

Update On Karl Hindle's Fight To See Emily: EmilyRoseHindle.blogspot.com

Teri Stoddard: John Murtari on the Laurie Riley Show
Hear John tell the full story, and explain why he's chosen jail to try to regain his right to be a father to his son.

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Smart Bomb Radio: "Mac Vs. PC"
Robert Wilson: "Oh My My"
Lee Coulter: "The Jeep Song"
Amy Courts: "Company"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What I had to say about you and Karl was balanced and fair. Your reply was cheap and snide. Pity. Anyway, the point is that the mainstream media know from costly experience that you have to get both sides of a story when it is as controversial and bitter as a dispute over a child. The emerging citizen's media have yet to learn this, and it will be expensive when they do.

Incidently, it was an interesting interview, and I wish Karl the best of British luck.