Episode 203: Buzzz Saw!

YouTube - The Anti-Drug, People Having TVs Not Kids, Parents Upset in Maine Over Rude Rhymes, Book Banning 'For The Children' in Florida, more...

Hasbro's Playskool Unit Recalls Team Talkin' Tool Bench, Offers $50 Coupon

John Murtari Update:
Teri Stoddard Talks to Dads On The Air, Radio 2GLF Sydney, Australia About John's Fight for Parental Rights.

Baby Wipes Use of the Week:
Purse Pathogen Purge

Featured Music:
CruiseBox, "On A Podcast" (Yes, Steve Jobs, I used the P-word)
Bret Mikels, "Deep Enough"
Adrienne Pierce, "One Perfect Day"

Featured Podcasts: (There's that P-word again)
Face The Music
The Redboy Podcast...help 'lil Redboy get an iPod. Visit THIS SITE, buy something, and put in code 49271. If 100 of you buy stuff, he'll be able to listen to his dad's show...at last!

You can read about the P-word, and what Apple is up to HERE and HERE.
If Apple wins, I may not be doing a podcast and the Burpee Seed Company and whale watchers may have to watch their language when speaking of 'pods'.

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