Mom Is Injecting Poison Into Her Daughter's Face on ABC

Botox, short for 'Botulinum Toxin' is used in adults to mask wrinkles by effectively poisoning the nerves and muscles under the skin.

Kerry Campbell appeared on 'Good Morning America' to try and justify why she was personally taking needle in hand and shooting up her daughter Britney with Botox.

It is no surprise that once the San Francisco area Child Services agencies' call centers were flooded with calls that an 'investigation' was started.  Read the article from SFGate HERE.

Why, you ask, would a mom do this to her child?  To compete in beauty pageants, of course!

UPDATE: 5.20.2011: Yahoo News is reporting that the mom was paid to perpetrate a hoax, akin to the 'Balloon Boy' saga, which landed the dad in JAIL.  If this really was a hoax, mom deserves the same treatment...LOCK HER UP!

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