SWAT-Style Sweep for Parents of Kids Skipping School

OCRegister.com: Parents, you are now being targeted by local police.  You will be cuffed, your house will be raided by cops with riot gear carrying warrants, and you will be stuffed in the back of a cruiser and hauled in front of a judge if your kid is absent "too many times".

The justification?  You are STEALING from the schools, because if your kids aren't in their seats, the schools lose money.  WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY ALL THIS POLICE "WORK" IS COSTING THE TAXPAYERS?  Don't these school administrators realize that there are some kids whose sole reason for skipping school is to get their parents in trouble?  This is idiotic, an amazing waste of resources, and an outright abuse of police authority.

Go look at the photo gallery at the OCRegister and see for yourself.  I'm not exaggerating.

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