Father Shot By Teen Daughter For Taking Cell Phone

The girl was despondent, and grounded for bad behavior by her father, so she retreats to her room, gets out a hunting bow and shoots her father, landing a solid shot in his torso.  She then goes to him, takes her cell phone back, and prevents dad from using it to call 911.

He crawls out a window, with the arrow still protruding from his body, makes his way to a car and drives 1/3 mile to use the neighbor's phone to call for help.

According to Det. William Adam, a S.W.A.T. team was sent into the forest to find the girl.  She was taken into custody, originally headed for juvenile detention, but apparently is under medical care at this time.

Wow - talk about the hazards of modern-day technology!

You can listen to Det. Adam on KIRO radio HERE.

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