Episode 146: Where Is Emily Now?

Special Guest Interview: Karl Hindle

Karl's baby girl Emily vanished, along with the girl's mother, who took Emily in January 2003. Since then, Karl has been trying to find little Emily Rose Hindle, pictured here. She has been moved by her mother at least 40 times, through 10 U.S. States.

Karl has spent over 3 years searching for Emily, and he has sold everything he owns to try and get Emily back.

She is going blind. If Emily isn't found soon, and given medical attention for a serious eye problem, the damage will be irreversible.

Karl's search for Emily is a story of international child abudction, a U.S. State Department cover-up, and involvement of a known sex offender in a plot to illegally adopt Emily.

Karl has created a blog to document his search, and you can find it here;


If you have any information on the whereabouts of little Emily, you can e-mail Karl;

karlhindle (at) hotmail (dot) com


Teri said...

Thank you so much for interviewing Karl. He's a good friend, and a great dad. Teri

"Which feminist along the way forgot to read the manual?" http://feminist4fathers.mensnewsdaily.com

ps. I look forward to hearing my second interview!

Anonymous said...

This is a trajic story and should be set right. And variations of it are somehow commonplace today. Fathers are getting shafted. Many of us are fighting daily to restore equality for children and their parents.

dad4justice said...

Keep your head up Karl, as I have no doubt the bias system is against us fathers. They like stripping us of our children , dignity and rights .
In solidarity brother .

obama2008 said...


The case has now reached the US Supreme Court: