Its Official!

It is now official...http:\\www.101usesforbabywipes.com is officially MINE!

Of course, it points right HERE right now, but its still MINE!

Its just a piece of code in a server on the internet, but its MINE!

I feel like I just bought a condo. I don't really OWN anythning, except for a claim to use the domain. When you buy a condo, you don't OWN the condo, just the airspace that the condo contains. You might own a percentage of the total complex...i.e. if there are 100 units in your condominium complex, and you own one unit in that complex, you may own one percent of the whole complex, and a claim to the air space enclosed by your unit. That 'ownership' depends on the conditions in the sale contract...buyer BEWARE! So by OWNing my domain, I own a teeny tiny piece of the internet.

A friend of mine owned a condo that burned to the ground. Problem is, he didn't own any percentage of the complex, just the airspace. He lived on the second floor, so when the condo burned down, his "property" was a block of air suspended 20 feet off the ground! The complex was never rebuilt, so he has no way to get to his "property" without a really big ladder.

I feel like I bought that air...I own 'something', its just not tangible, touchable, or, frankly, valuable...but its MINE!

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MattB said...

Love the blog!!! Keep up the good work. A father's work is never done, either!